• Deciding on a Color for Your Business Logo

    Your business logo is going to appear on all sorts of advertisements, including your awning near New York City. With this in mind, you need to put a lot of research into how your logo will look and what colors you want to use. Consider asking your awning company for design help.

    As you can see in this video, every color usually has an emotion or action associated with it. Decide what you want your logo and awning color to convey to your customers. For example, many grocery stores and food makers use green in their logos and commercial awnings, because it is a color that represents nature and wholesomeness. If you own an organic restaurant or grocery store, then you may want a dark-green storefront awning and logo design to represent your company. Red is another good color that is believed to induce appetite.

  • Reasons to Choose a Retractable Awning

    Once you call up your awning company serving New York City , you will have a choice between a retractable awning and a stationary awning. A retractable awning will almost always be the smarter choice due to its customizable nature. You can easily move the awning in and out as you please, making it last longer and giving your customers more comfort when they do business with you. Retractable awning

    You can customize your customers’ comfort.

    When the sun shifts across the sky or the weather changes through the seasons, you can give your customers or diners greater comfort with a retractable awning. In the summer, many customers do not want the sun beating down on them, so being able to release an awning over their heads will let them know you value their comfort. During the fall or winter, though, any little bit of sun may be welcome across frost-bitten cheeks and noses. You can easily bring the awning back in to give your customers that extra bit of warmth.

    You can protect your investment during bad weather.

    New York can experience all types of weather, from sunny droughts, hurricanes, and intense blizzards. By installing a retractable awning, over a stationary option, you will have greater control over your investment. When you know a heavy storm is approaching, you simply pull the awning back in. It will likely see less damage than your neighbors who opted for a standard storefront awning. Standard awnings can easily be destroyed in inclement weather, and that investment will be for naught.

    Your retractable awning will survive longer than a stationary awning.

    In addition to protecting your awning from a bad storm or heavy winds, you can protect it from unnecessary fading and general damage. Even normal conditions, such as a sunny day, will damage your stationary awnings in the form of fading, damage from animals, and normal wear and tear. By using a retractable awning, you can avoid much of these damaging effects every time you pull your awning back in. Your retractable awning will last much longer than a stationary awning.

  • Advantages of Printed Shade Screens

    Much like awnings, a printed shade screen can do so much for your New York City business and the comfort of your customers. Printed shade screens come in the form of roller shades or window films located on the inside of your establishment . The difference between a typical roller shade and your printed shade screens, though, is that your printed screen can provide so much more.

    Printed shade screens are easily customizable to look however you desire. They can advertise your business name, logo, hours, or permanent specials. Shade screens can even come in various colors and designs to further attract customers to your business. However, the exceptional benefits of a printed shade screen come from its one-way vision and UV light protection. Shade screens are made in a way that customers can only view beyond the screen when they look from inside. No one can see inside from the outside of your store. Your customers will feel more comfortable as the sun’s rays are blocked, and they can enjoy their view outside. Your business can also reap the benefits of lower energy and cooling costs.

    Printed shade screens in New York City

  • Why Your Restaurant Needs an Awning

    No matter the size or location of your New York City restaurant, it can benefit from a professional awning installation. Awnings are a simple and classy form of advertisement for a restaurant . They also have the added benefit of creating shady dining areas and lowering your cooling and energy costs in the summer. Continue reading for a look at why your restaurant would benefit with the addition of an awning.

    Bring in Business

    Installing an awning is one of the biggest boosts for businesses. With customized awning designs , you can showcase your restaurant in a number of ways, which will attract more patrons to your restaurant. Your restaurant name, cuisine, and permanent specials can be applied to your storefront awning. As patrons pass by the awning, they will be more likely to enter your restaurant. Awnings will also aid returning patrons in finding your restaurant again and again.

    Keep Patrons Comfortable

    When you have outside seating, or even inside seating next to a window, you must be aware of your patrons’ level of comfort. They will be less likely to eat at your establishment if they can only remember being hot or getting a sunburn on the patio. With an awning installation, your patrons will enjoy eating outside. They can enjoy a warm summer breeze without the heat of the sun on their heads. Their food and drinks will be protected from going bad in the afternoon sun. In the event of a pleasant but rainy day, then a waterproof awning can also allow your patrons to continue dining outside.

    Protect Your Restaurant

    Awnings can do much more than draw in patrons and keep them satisfied. An awning installation can help cool your restaurant and protect your outside dining areas from premature sun damage. By creating a shaded area several feet from your restaurant’s entrances and exits, the restaurant’s interior will remain cooler. This will save you significantly on energy costs. Awnings can also protect the chairs, tables, and decorations you have outside from fading or degrading in the sun.

  • Spotlight on Your Business’ Curb Appeal

    There are many ways to address your business’ curb appeal, including an awning installation in New York City. Awnings provide a double function as an advertisement and sun blocker. With a business canopy or customized awning design, you can attract more customers and potential business-buyers to your establishment.

    Watch this video for more tips about creating quality curb appeal for your business. The business coach, Patrick Good, suggests that businesses should have clearly-defined HR policies and documentation to increase their curb appeal. He also suggests that businesses document all of their intellectual property to be sure it is protected. By incorporating these tips into your business’ current policies, you can increase your curb appeal to customers and buyers alike.