• Designing the Exterior of Your Restaurant

    When you are planning on opening a new restaurant, you will have many factors to consider. From designing your menu to planning out your kitchen space, it is important to make sure that each element is in place before you open your doors to your customers. As you are planning the exterior of your restaurant, you may want to consider an awning installation. Awnings can be used to shade the front entrances of businesses, and specialized restaurant awnings can be used to provide shelter to outdoor dining areas. An awning company serving NYC will have many types of awnings available for your restaurant design. Read on for more information about how to design the exterior of your business. Design Exterior of the restaurant with Capitol Awning Company

    Consider Your Dining Style

    As you are designing the exterior of your restaurant , it is a great idea to consider what type of dining experience you will have to offer your customers. For example, if you are planning on opening an upscale restaurant, you may want to design your exterior space with a subtle and chic design. The exterior of a casual dining restaurant can be enhanced with bold and fun features.

    Explore Color Choices

    The colors you use on the exterior of your restaurant will send a message about the type of cuisine that you are serving. When you are creating an exterior restaurant design, it is essential to create a carefully considered color theme. Bold colors, such as reds and yellows, are ideally suited for causal restaurants. With a neutral color theme, you can create a sophisticated exterior for your fine dining establishment.

    Create an Awning Design

    Restaurant awnings can be used in many places throughout the exterior of a restaurant design. For example, you may want to enhance the front entrance of your restaurant with a fabric awning. With a retractable awning installation, you can create an outdoor dining space that can be used throughout many seasons of the year. Your awning can also be used to display the colors or logos that are associated with your restaurant.

  • Tips for Designing a Logo for Your Business

    When you are planning a store awning installation, you may want to consider adding your brand’s logo on the front or side of your awning design. Since commercial awnings are typically the first features that customers will see, it is a terrific idea to prominently display your company logo on the exterior of your awning. A company that specializes in awnings serving NYC can help you determine the correct logo placement on your new awning installation. To help you get ready for your new commercial awning, here are some essential tips to consider as you are designing a logo for your business. Logo designing tips by Capitol awning in New York City

    Consider Your Products or Services

    As you are creating a logo for your business , it is highly important to consider the products or services that your company has to offer. For example, if your business is related to sustainability or the environment, you may want to create a logo that is related to these themes. With the help of a graphic designer, you can incorporate imagery that will send a distinct message about what you have to offer your clientele.

    Decide Between Abstract or Logotype Designs

    Typically, logos feature either abstract or logotype design. With an abstract logo, you will create a graphic image that represents the branding of your company. Typically, abstract logos do not include any text. By contrast, a logotype design will feature a graphically rendered version of your company’s name. Some companies choose to incorporate both abstract and logotype elements in their logos.

    Evaluate Color Choices

    Your business logo should attract the attention of potential customers. For this reason, it is important to carefully evaluate your color choices when you are working on your logo design. Bold colors, such as red and yellow, will stand out on the face of an awning. Subtle color choices, such as blues and greens, can also be used to make a statement about your brand. As you are choosing colors for your logo, you should also consider how these colors will appear when they are printed on your awning fabric.

  • How Awnings Can Benefit Your Business

    As a business owner, the appearance of your storefront has a major impact on your success and sustainability. When you are seeking a terrific way to boost the appeal and energy efficiency of your business, it is a great idea to look into an awning installation . Storefront awnings near NYC will protect your front entrance from the weather, and a quality awning design will also attract customers to your store. An awning company near you will be able to assist you with every step of designing your brand new awning. Let’s take a closer look at some of the terrific ways that awning can benefit your business. Benefits of Awnings

    Improve Energy Efficiency

    With a new storefront awning , you will be able to boost the overall energy efficiency of your business. When you install a brand new awning over your front entryway, your commercial property will be shielded from the sun’s hot rays. As a result, you may find that your HVAC expenses are reduced after your awning installation has been completed.

    Attract More Customers

    Along with improving the energy efficiency of your business, a new awning may also help you attract more customers. By creating an appealing awning for your front entrance, you will create a storefront that is appealing to people who are passing by. In addition, your awning will make your front entrance more appealing to new patrons. Overall, your new awning installation will allow you to provide your business with a fresh new look and feel.

    Boost Brand Presence

    When you are designing the front entrance to your business, it is essential to make sure that your storefront portrays your business brand and identity. A new awning installation will provide you with the ability to proudly display your business logo or signage. Also, choosing quality awning materials will send the message that your business is committed to quality and excellence. By working with an awning company near you, you will be able to create a quality awning installation that will greatly benefit your company.

  • Why is Shade Important for Your Health?

    There are lots of good reasons to invest in a commercial outdoor awning for your business, and you’ve probably already considered most of them like the how a storefront awning will help your business stand out and provide extra room for outdoor seating or merchandise display. However, there’s one reason you probably haven’t thought about—an outdoor awning is good for your health and the health of your employers and customers. It might not be the only reason you consider installing an outdoor awning in NYC , but consider the health benefits of shade and you’ll be even more inclined to get that storefront awning you’ve been thinking about. How is shade good for health

    Shade Blocks Harmful UV Rays

    Although small amounts of ultraviolet light are beneficial, particularly in the production of vitamin D, prolonged exposure to solar UV radiation can induce degenerative changes in skin cells, fibrous tissues, and blood vessels leading to premature skin aging and, in serious cases, cancer. If your employees or customers are outside during the day, an awning can provide protection against these harmful rays .

    Shade Can Help Prevent Overheating

    Although shade doesn’t make outdoor temperatures any cooler, being in direct sunlight can make the air feel 10 to 15 degrees warmer than it actually is. On very warm days, standing or sitting in sunlight can cause the body to overheat leading to sun stroke and other harmful heat-related illnesses. An outdoor awning will provide shade that can keep your employees and/or customers cool, even on the hottest days of the summer.

    Shade is Good for Your Eyesight

    Although the lens and cornea inside the human eye filter UV light, doing so for many years can diminish eyesight and cause damage that eventually leads to corneal sunburn, cataracts, and some forms of eye cancer. An outdoor awning will provide your employees and/or customers temporary relief from bright sunlight that can cause eyestrain and, over the long term, eye damage.