The Gennius Waterproof Retractable Roof System

Waterproof Retractable Roof SystemLooking for the benefits of a retractable awning, as well as the durability of a stationary one? The Gennius by Durasol Awnings is a new innovative design which combines the flexibility of a retractable awning with the comfort and stability of a stationary roof.

This waterproof retractable fabric structure combines the beauty of a pergola with the flexibility of a retractable awning. The Gennius is available in many different models to suite all design styles, tastes and applications. Models are available in traditional wooden pergola designs, which are distinguished by their attention to detail; as well as contemporary, corrosion resistant aluminum structures. Both types are capable of being self-supporting with integrated posts, or can be retrofitted to your existing structure or framework. The Gennius is also capable of being its own freestanding retractable roof system. With its range of designs, the applications for this awning are almost in-numerous.

The Gennius is designed with the following specifications:

Commercial and Residential retractable roof system• On-demand weather or UV protection, specifically designed for inclement weather

• Wind resistant up to a certified Beaufort Class 10 (55-63 mph)

• Large projections – Spans up to 26′-3″

• Perimeter drop screens available

• Self-extinguishing, waterproof fabric

• Integrated rain management technology

Typical Commercial and Residential Applications for the Gennius:

Waterproof retractable roof• Extend your outdoor living season

• Protect your penthouse open patio space

• Wedding and banquet halls can guarantee dry functions

• Restaurants can create or expand outdoor seating

• Improve the ambiance with optional integrated LED lighting and Audio

• Generate revenue even in inclement weather

• Fully protect your space with optional perimeter solar shades (not all models)

• Improve dining and entertainment space for Country Clubs and more…

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