Specialty Shading Products in New York City

Custom Shade Systems to Fit Your Needs

Based in Jamaica, N.Y., our team at Capitol Awning Company not only provides awnings and canopies but also offers a host of specialty shade products as well. We can increase your comfort outdoors and improve your brand visibility as well. From design to installation, we take care of every aspect of the awning process ourselves, including manufacturing.

Our specialty products include the following:

  • Printed shade screens – Are your window blinds providing shade and little else? We can design and produce custom window shade systems that are both functional and enhance your marketing and branding. Shade screens block UV light and enhance cooling, which can save you money. Roller shades and window films can provide one-way viewing—and Capitol Awning Company can turn these into artistic or marketing canvases with our digital printing system.
  • Custom projects – Why be satisfied with a traditional awning or canopy? Our design and manufacturing team can custom design three-dimensional structures that provide the same function as traditional awnings while creating iconic fabric structures that will instantly identify your business. These structures can be attached to a building or free standing. It’s up to your imagination.
  • Custom umbrellas – Shade umbrellas can be fun and attractive enhancements to any facility, and we can create these for you in two-color combinations selected from a palette of 18 colors. Custom fabrics and colors are also available. These umbrellas are available in diameters of 6’6”, 7’0”, 7’6” and 8’6”. The umbrellas come with aluminum bases, and graphics and logos can be applied to them as well!
  • Shade structures – A custom designed shade structure not only provides relief from sunlight and heat, it can also be an eye-catching piece of art that enhances surroundings—and serve as a platform for marketing and branding. Just a few of the facilities that might benefit from a custom designed shade structure from Capitol Awning Company include: country clubs, playgrounds, daycare centers, water parks, playgrounds, skate parks, concession areas, and yacht clubs.
  • Window graphics – Window graphics provide appealing visuals for potential customers and can also be utilized to promote your business and merchandise to customers. We provide films and window shade systems, banners, and decals to suit this purpose! In addition, we can also provide you with roll-down screens with your branding on them.
  • Sign companies – At Capitol Awning Company, we can partner with local sign companies or national accounts working in the NYC area. We offer our expertise to ensure the highest quality products and service to your clients, on time and on budget!
  • Architectural metal companies – We can be a strategic partner to other companies designing any metal work that needs a fabric covering. Our team can assist you with the design from the start, or come in at any stage in the project, to bring our three generations of experience for the best results!

If you can dream it up, we can build it!

Let our representatives show you how our specialty shade products can improve comfort and branding. Call us at (800) 241-3539 to request a free estimate!

Why Hire Us?

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