• An Inside Look at the Awning Manufacturing Process

    Awnings offer both style and functionality for businesses, but how are these powerful shades manufactured? If you are considering a commercial awning in NYC , this video will give you some insight into the manufacturing process that goes into making the finished product.

    For commercial awnings, the most important factors are the right fabric and the right stitching. Once the awning fabric is assembled, one end is threaded into a tube to hold that piece, and a carrier bar is created to build the awning framework. With custom awnings, the size of the awning material and the framework depends on the customer’s preferences. Depending on the awning design, a motor may also be inserted before the awning is ready for installation.

  • Exploring the Benefits of Using Shade Sails

    If you want the benefits of an awning near NYC but want a unique design, consider choosing a shade sail . Shade sails are gaining in popularity with both residential and commercial customers as an alternative to stationary and retractable awnings and can be as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. Here are some of the reasons homeowners and businesses are investing in these outdoor shade structures. Explore the benefits of using shade sails

    Increased Comfort

    Although many people crave outdoor time when the weather is nice and warm, the sun’s rays sometimes make it uncomfortable. Sitting under the beating rays can be too hot and bright, which forces many people indoors. With a shade sail, you can have the best of both worlds. The sail structure provides ample shade, while the open sides still let you enjoy the fresh air and surroundings. The cover provided by a shade sail makes everything from sitting in your backyard with a book to sitting on a restaurant deck enjoying a drink comfortable without so much coverage that you lose the feel of being outdoors.

    Reduced Sun Exposure

    In addition to making you uncomfortable in the short term, the sun’s rays can also be unhealthy for you in the long-term. Many people avoid the sun to reduce their risk of skin cancer and to slow the signs of aging. Shade sails give you and your family the protection you need to enjoy the outdoors without risking your health.

    Unique Design Style

    Shade sails offer a stylish solution for sun exposure. The tall, sweeping design and use of colorful fabrics make shade sails an aesthetic attraction rather than simply a functional piece. The design of shade sails makes them especially ideal for use as commercial building awnings and canopies, as you can choose colors that match your brand and provide a cool and comfortable outdoor space for your customers. Restaurants with outdoor eating areas in particular can benefit from using shade sails as awnings during warm weather.