• A Look at the History of Awnings

    You may be accustomed to seeing storefront awnings and business canopies, but are you familiar with how these installations came about? If you’re thinking about enhancing your building’s appearance with awnings in New York City , then continue reading to learn about the evolution of these shades and their use over the years. History of awnings

    Early History

    Installing awnings on your building can offer energy savings, style, and historic appeal. Awnings can protect interior furnishings from sun damage, regulate indoor temperatures by preventing heat gain, and add curb appeal to building exteriors. The act of shading areas in this way offers romantic appeal and is no recent invention. The use of awnings and canopies date at least as far back as when ancient Syrians and Egyptians hung woven textiles over homes and shop stalls to help shade them from the intense sun.

    American History

    In time, these shades gained ornamental value. This became very apparent in the 1890s when Americans began installing striped canvas awnings on their Victorian homes to embellish their appearance. Awnings enjoyed growing popularity as people continued to enhance home and building exteriors with canvas coverings in a broad range of colors, patterns, and styles. Retractable awnings were developed for shopkeepers, allowing them to collapse their storefront canopies prior to stormy weather. This trend later spread to residential awnings. In the 1940s, aluminum shades replaced canvas ones. However, the use of awnings faded altogether in the 1950s as air conditioning installation became widespread.

    Current Day

    Today, awnings are enjoying renewed popularity as home and business owners look for ways to reduce their environmental impact and spend less money on cooling costs. People stopped installing awnings with the invention of air conditioning, but awnings still play an important role in preventing sunlight from streaming through windows. By blocking sun in this way, awnings can reduce the amount of energy needed to cool your building. Finally, adding style and color to your building’s exterior with awning installation can enhance the look of your commercial property.

  • Have You Considered a Custom Fabric Structure for Your Business?

    While awnings are a popular choice for commercial building exteriors, you may want to consider creating a custom fabric structure design for your outdoor space. Custom creations, such as business canopies and more, can provide your commercial property with additional appeal. A company that creates beautiful awnings in New York City can consult with you to help you create a fabric structure that meets the needs of your customers and workers.

    When you are creating a custom fabric structure for your business, you will have several factors to consider. Your awning design team can help you choose the correct size and dimensions for your unique fabric structure. After your shade structure has been created, you may find that you are able to use your design to promote your business. A quality custom fabric structure may ultimately provide your company with great publicity, especially when your customers are looking to beat the heat during the summer season.

    Custom fabric structure

  • Consider One of These Fabric Options for Your New Awning

    One of the key benefits of a new awning installation is that you will be able to customize your awnings to match the architectural style of your home of business. A company that creates custom business canopies and awnings in New York City can provide you with detailed information about all of the materials that are available for your new awning design. By gathering information about the most popular awning materials , you can choose a product that offers your desired weather resistance and style. Read on for a tour of some fabric options to consider for your new awning. Fabric for new awning


    If you are shopping for an awning fabric that offers both an open weave and great solar protection, you may want to consider the AwnTex line. AwnTex awning fabrics are meticulously woven from a blend of vinyl encapsulated polyester mesh, which is able to block up to 90 percent of the sun’s rays.


    BTF awning fabrics are among the most durable materials that are available on the market today. This special awning material is coated with a flame retardant and weatherproof material that will stand up to all types of weather conditions. By choosing BTF awning fabrics, you will also be purchasing an awning material that can easily be screen printed with your company’s logo or graphics.

    Eradi Light

    In certain scenarios, you may want your awning material to really stand out from the competition. To achieve a unique brilliance from your awning design, you can choose Eradi Light awning fabrics. The Eradi Light lineup of awning fabrics can be used to create awnings or signs that are backlit. Eradi Light fabric is dark in color, making it very easy to clean and maintain.


    Fire safety is a top concern for any business space. To rest assured that your new awning is fully fire resistant and in compliance with the latest fire codes, you may want to consider choosing Firesist fabrics. Firesist is highly fire resistant, making it a safe addition to your awning design.

  • Elevate Your Business with Mapes Awnings

    If you have been considering updating the exterior of your commercial building, you may want to consider installing new awnings. Commercial awnings can provide your storefront with additional protection from the elements, while also helping you to improve the curb appeal of your building. A company that offers awnings in New York City may be able to provide you with top quality products from the Mapes Awnings brand. Let’s review some of the fantastic ways that Mapes Awnings can benefit your commercial business. Business with mapes awnings

    Structural Strength

    When you choose to invest in Mapes Awnings for your business, you will feel great knowing that your new awnings will provide the outside of your commercial building with additional structure support. The high quality metal and aluminum construction of Mapes Awnings makes them highly durable and able to withstand stress and strain. If you are looking for awnings that will add an additional layer of stability to your exterior, Mapes Awnings will be the ideal choice for your needs.

    Beautiful Features

    Along with improving the structural integrity of your business, Mapes Awnings also come with a variety of beautiful features. When you choose Mapes Awnings for your storefront, you can select between a wide assortment of colors and styles. For an added burst of visual appeal, you can choose to finish your Mapes Awnings with unique color combinations, such as reds, greens, or blues. Once your awning installation is complete, you are sure to love the unique look of your structure.

    Customizable Options

    One of the greatest advantages of Mapes Awnings is that they can be fully customized to your preferences. A Mapes Awnings specialist can help you design awnings that are equipped with light panels, thermal insulation, and other unique features that will dramatically benefit your business. If you have been searching for new awnings that perfectly reflect the personality of your company, look no further than the stellar lineup of Mapes Awnings.