• Throwing Shade on Your Restaurant’s Patio

    Restaurants thrive on providing options to their customers, whether in seating or the menu. By making your restaurant’s patio more comfortable and accessible with an awning , you can give your diners more options of where to dine. With a commercial awning near New York City, you can also protect your restaurant’s investment in patio furniture and outdoor decorations. Once you install an awning over your restaurant’s patio, you and your diners will see some great results. Put shade on restaurant's patio

    Create more seating options.

    If you want to expand your restaurant, then making your patio more comfortable and diner-friendly with an awning or canopy is the best way to attract more business. Not only can you create more seating options, but you are able to give your diners more choices in where they would like to dine. If it is a lovely day outside, then many people will appreciate the chance to enjoy their meal while also enjoying the cool breeze and warm sun.

    Keep your diners comfortable.

    Many of your diners will love the choice of eating out on the patio. However, you must make the experience comfortable and enjoyable for them. If they have the sun beating down on them or the possibility of gray clouds raining down, they may not choose to eat on the patio. If you can offer sufficient sun and rain cover with an awning installation, they can enjoy their meal and be confident that it will be a great experience.

    Protect your patio furniture.

    Another essential reason to have strong shade over your restaurant patio is to protect your investment. Your furniture, linens, plates, and decorations need to be protected against the fading damage of the sun. They must also be protected from potential birds flying overhead or roosting on the patio roof. The best way to keep your patio safe from potential damages is with a strong awning or business canopy keeping the area covered. Your customers will thank you, and you will be much happier with the longevity of the patio furniture you have bought.

  • What Are Mapes Awnings?

    If you’re looking for a reliable and durable commercial awning in NYC, go with a canopy manufactured by Mapes Industries. These awnings are made entirely of metal, such as aluminum, and are suspended by hanger rods that are manufactured to take on heavy architectural loads. Mapes awnings are ideal for commercial buildings like shopping malls, business centers, storefronts, building entrances, loading docks, and industrial walkways.

    Mapes awnings come in a wide range of shapes and styles. Their Lumishade line boasts versatile aluminum canopies that are economically roll formed. Their Super Lumideck line offers an all-extruded metal canopy that’s designed to handle high-load applications. Both of these Mapes awnings have become the industry standard for metal awnings, and are available in a variety of powder-coated and Kynar finishes. If you’re interested in enhancing your building with a Mapes awning, get in contact with a reputable awning company that’s experienced with Mapes Architectural Canopies, as well as awning design and installation.

    Mapes awnings in New York City

  • Using Palapas for Shade

    A palapa is an outdoor structure that looks like a pergola with a thatched roof. Often seen peppered across beaches in Mexico and in tropical regions, palapas are great shade providers. When deciding to build a palapa over your patio for shade, or any sun blocker like a window awning or commercial awning, be sure you’re aware of how the sun moves across your property throughout the day, and position your shade structure accordingly. Hire a reputable professional who specializes in building and installing shade structures such as a palapa or a retractable awning in NYC .

    Check out this informative video to learn more about palapa designs and storefront awning designs.

  • A Look at Printed Shade Screens

    If you need to control the sunlight streaming into your business, you don’t have to settle for boring blinds. Printed shade screens offer an opportunity to inject style while marketing your services. Much like branded custom awnings near NYC improve your doorways, printed shade screens offer your business both form and function.

    Custom printed shade screens are available as both roller shades and window films. They filter harmful UV rays and associated heat, which helps to reduce your energy usage. If you are seeking LEED certification, printed window shades may help you satisfy some of the requirements.

    Custom shade screens also offer an ideal marketing opportunity. Customers inside can look out of the shades, but from the outside, people walking by see any image you choose. Pick colors that integrate with your brand and awning and have your logo or another image digitally printed on the shade to attract more customers into your business with your awning design. Blending your custom outdoor awnings and your shades help to establish your brand identify while providing the interior functionality you need. Printed shades screens in New York City