• Get to Know the Gennius Waterproof Retractable Roof System

    If you have been looking for a sturdy awning that offers you more control, then the Gennius Waterproof Retractable Roof System may be the perfect option. This innovative awning installation near New York City comes in a variety of styles to match your business. It can also benefit almost any business or location. If your business requires a strong and ingenious awning design, then continue reading to know more about the Gennius roof system. Waterproof retractable roof system

    It is retractable.

    The Gennius roof system offers you the complete benefits of a regular awning installation, but gives you the ability to retract it when needed. With this added control, you can protect your exterior patios when the weather is rainy or exceptionally bright. However, you can also retract your Gennius awning to give your customers some sunshine on a wintery day. The Gennius Waterproof Retractable Roof System gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to an awning installation.

    It has several styles.

    If your business has a unique look or personality, then you need a business canopy that can reflect your originality. The Gennius roof system has several models that can match or complement your business’ building. You can choose from a wooden pergola design or a strong aluminum structure. Either of these options can be designed to match your specifications.

    It is waterproof.

    Not all commercial awnings are waterproof. However, the Gennius roof system uses an innovative fabric structure that will repel water. When you choose the Gennius roof system, you will get an awning that can look and function like an extension of your business’ roof. This ability to repel water is essential to protecting your customers and maintaining business during bad weather conditions.

    It has several applications.

    Since the Gennius roof system can come in several styles and sizes, it can be used in multiple ways. It can be used outside of an event venue or restaurant. It can also be installed outside high-class apartment buildings to offer tenants covered patios. The options are endless with the Gennius roof system.

  • Could Your Restaurant Use a Retractable Awning?

    Are you looking into your options for commercial awnings in New York City? If so, then you’re probably aware of the functional and aesthetic benefits that these installations can offer. However, there are many style and options to choose from, and one popular variety to consider is a retractable awning. Watch this video to learn if retractable awning installation is right for your restaurant’s needs.

    Awning installation can increase your building’s energy efficiency, and having awnings over your windows can make your restaurant’s environment more comfortable for customers by blocking the harsh sun that streams through windows or hits your outdoor seating area. A retractable awning can be a great option for locations where you may not always want shade or where space is an issue.

  • Consider These Colors for Your Industry

    Commercial awnings offer you an excellent way to enjoy more energy savings and enhance the look of your building. Are you looking for an awning company in New York City because you’d like to install customized business canopies ? If so, then read on for tips on choosing the best colors for your new awnings based on your industry. Awning colors for industry


    The color red draws attention and offers you a way to get your business noticed. This high-energy hue is a physical color that can rouse excitement, action, and passion. Because it is a very powerful color that stimulates the senses, it is often used in food service industries.


    Uplifting and illuminating, the use of yellow in business can send a message of playfulness, happiness, and optimism. While too much yellow can cause feelings of anxiety, the right amount can inspire logical thinking and mental clarity. Yellow is highly visible and is a great option for children’s products and entertainment businesses.


    While black can be an excellent choice for many business applications, it’s important to realize what message it can send to clients and customers. Black can instill confidence and seem dignified and serious, but it can also come across as authoritative, controlling, and intimidating. Black can be ideal for industries that market luxury and high-end goods and services.


    Blue conveys honesty, dependability, and trust, and it can also promote feelings of safety and calmness. Because it reduces appetite and pulse, blue is not ideal for any food-related industries. Instead, blue works well for corporate businesses that wish to appear trustworthy and dependable.


    Because it is associated with nature, green is a color that inspires feelings of wellbeing, healing, and health. For this reason, it is a popular choice for many grocery and health food businesses. Green is an excellent choice for industries that are related to health or environmental awareness.


    Purple is a symbol of wealth and is associated with extravagance and fantasy. This color is commonly used in artistic and creative fields. In other industries, purple is often employed to identify premium goods and services.

  • Consider One of These Fabric Options for Your New Awning

    One of the key benefits of a new awning installation is that you will be able to customize your awnings to match the architectural style of your home of business. A company that creates custom business canopies and awnings in New York City can provide you with detailed information about all of the materials that are available for your new awning design. By gathering information about the most popular awning materials , you can choose a product that offers your desired weather resistance and style. Read on for a tour of some fabric options to consider for your new awning. Fabric for new awning


    If you are shopping for an awning fabric that offers both an open weave and great solar protection, you may want to consider the AwnTex line. AwnTex awning fabrics are meticulously woven from a blend of vinyl encapsulated polyester mesh, which is able to block up to 90 percent of the sun’s rays.


    BTF awning fabrics are among the most durable materials that are available on the market today. This special awning material is coated with a flame retardant and weatherproof material that will stand up to all types of weather conditions. By choosing BTF awning fabrics, you will also be purchasing an awning material that can easily be screen printed with your company’s logo or graphics.

    Eradi Light

    In certain scenarios, you may want your awning material to really stand out from the competition. To achieve a unique brilliance from your awning design, you can choose Eradi Light awning fabrics. The Eradi Light lineup of awning fabrics can be used to create awnings or signs that are backlit. Eradi Light fabric is dark in color, making it very easy to clean and maintain.


    Fire safety is a top concern for any business space. To rest assured that your new awning is fully fire resistant and in compliance with the latest fire codes, you may want to consider choosing Firesist fabrics. Firesist is highly fire resistant, making it a safe addition to your awning design.

  • Attracting More Customers to Your Business

    As you can see in the attached video, there are a variety of techniques and tips that can help attract customers to your business. In addition to storefront awnings or business canopies near New York City, you can build your social media and email communications or partner with local businesses. Let’s look at some easy ways to attract customers to your business.

    Customized awning designs can feature your business in an original and attractive way that future and returning customers will respond to. Once they enter your store, you can have them sign up for an email list. This simple feature will email them with current deals, new products, and offer birthday coupons. In addition to your awning advertisements and email lists, you can partner with local businesses to provide your services. Also, don’t forget to always highlight what makes your business original, which can also feature on your awning designs.

  • Why Install an Awning on an Apartment Building?

    When you are constructing or renovating a new apartment building, you will want to make sure that the front of your building is appealing to potential tenants. One great way to add appeal to your apartment building, while also offering protection from the elements, is to install a new awning. With help from a company that specializes in awnings near New York City , you will be able to create a custom awning design that is tailored to the style of your urban apartment building. Here is a look at three great reasons to install an awning on an apartment building. Install awning on apartment building in New York City

    Improve Curb Appeal

    In order to help ensure that all of the units in your apartment building are occupied, you will want to make sure that your apartment’s front entrance has terrific curb appeal. Installing an awning is a great way to improve the curb appeal of your apartment building. A new awning will make the front entryway of your apartments much more inviting to both current and prospective tenants.

    Provide Shade and Weather Protection

    In New York City, many apartment buildings have doormen on staff. With a new awning installation, you can ensure that your doorman does not have to wait outside in the elements. As you are creating your awning design, you will want to plan a doorway covering that offers great protection from sun, rain, and even snow. Your awning can also protect your tenants when they are entering the building or waiting for a taxi cab.

    Advertise Your Apartments

    An awning is also a terrific spot to advertise the name and address of your apartments. If your apartment complex has a name, you can ask your awning company to print your logo design on the front or sides of your awning. When people pass your building on the street, a clearly displayed name will provide you with advertising for your apartments. You can also print additional information on your awning, such as the number of your rental agency.

  • Spotlight on Your Business’ Curb Appeal

    There are many ways to address your business’ curb appeal, including an awning installation in New York City. Awnings provide a double function as an advertisement and sun blocker. With a business canopy or customized awning design, you can attract more customers and potential business-buyers to your establishment.

    Watch this video for more tips about creating quality curb appeal for your business. The business coach, Patrick Good, suggests that businesses should have clearly-defined HR policies and documentation to increase their curb appeal. He also suggests that businesses document all of their intellectual property to be sure it is protected. By incorporating these tips into your business’ current policies, you can increase your curb appeal to customers and buyers alike.

  • Tips for Attracting New Business

    Whether your business needs an extra boost or you have plenty of customers, you should always be looking for new ways to attract business. This may include installing new storefront awnings to attract more foot traffic. No matter your marketing choices, make sure you have done your research on the best ways to build your business. From custom awnings near NYC to social media, there are many ways you can make your business more successful than ever. storefront - awning

    Know your business.

    You may think you already know your business inside and out, but there is always room to grow. To attract new customers, you need to look at all the ways your business can grow to accommodate these new customers. If you own a food franchise, then consider new foods or recipes you can try. If you own a small clothing store, then look at the different accessories you might add that will complement your clothing. Continue to learn every aspect of your business and merchandise to keep attracting new business.

    Understand your customer.

    You need to constantly be on top of your desired demographic of customers. Are you trying to attract teenagers or middle-aged men or women? Not only should you look at the gender and age of your customers, but you need to consider their various likes and dislikes. For example, teenagers may prefer brighter-colored awnings, or middle-aged men may look for earthy tones in awning design. No matter the colors, designs, or types of advertisements you choose, make sure they fit your current and future customers’ preferences.

    Decide on your marketing campaign.

    Once you figure out who your customer is, then you can decide on how best to market your business to them. Your marketing campaign may include new awnings, storefront signs, flyers, email lists, or social media advertisements. Do not limit yourself to one form of marketing. Your intended demographic may be attracted to your business in a variety of ways, so you should try to hit your customers from all marketing platforms.

  • Making Your Business More Appealing to Customers

    As a business owner, it is your job to make your company as appealing as possible to as many people as you can. While you can go about this in all sorts of different ways, there are few more practical than awnings in New York City . Your commercial building awning will help people notice and identify your building from afar, and it will also give them a nice atmosphere in which they can congregate. Retractable awnings can even help you keep your storefront in pristine condition, which is important for your brand. Read on if you are interested in making your business more appealing to customers. Commercial building awning.

    Stand out from the crowd.

    It can be hard for patrons to make a decision about where to go when every building looks the same, so you should do what you can to make your business stand out from its surroundings. In a place like New York City where there are countless options for customers to choose from, it’s important that people know where they can find your business. If you want to make your business stand out, a commercial awning can be an effective tool. A large awning that bears your logo can often be seen from a distance, and it can be of significant help when it comes to drawing in both new and returning customers.

    Create a comfortable environment.

    Although there is no quiet time of year for New York City, you will typically see an influx of tourists walking through the streets during the summer. Since the summer also brings intense heat, your business can gain an advantage by offering protection from the sun’s rays. Your commercial awning will protect customers and passersby from the sunlight and heat, making your business an attractive oasis.

    Keep your storefront clean.

    Awnings come in all different colors, sizes, and configurations, and some of them are retractable. If you want to keep your storefront looking pristine, a retractable awning may do the trick. You can reel the awning in during inclement weather to keep it clean and roll it back out to protect customers from the sun.

  • The Awning Installation Process

    Awnings can offer many benefits to your business, such as making you more visible, reinforcing your brand, and providing shade to your customers. When you are deciding on what sort of commercial awning in New York City is right for you, consider a retractable awning . A retractable awning offers you flexibility, giving shade or rain protection when you need it, and retracting when you don’t. Watch this video to see the awning installation process in action.

    Choose a color or pattern that works well for your business, and consider how you want to display your business name. The professionals will arrive to install your awning, which is a relatively quick process. Make sure that you have obtained any necessary permits to have an awning outside your business, and that an awning is allowed in your area. After the professionals complete the installation, you’ll have a beautiful awning that will benefit your business for years to come.