• Behind the Scenes: Awning Fabrication

    Awnings can be traced back all the way to the Roman era. In this video, you will take a look at how modern awnings are made and controlled. When a canvas awning is made, a skilled seamstress will sew durable strips of awning fabric together in a pattern. Next, the canvas is connected to a durable framework. A company that offers awning installation in New York City can assist you with every step of designing and fabricating your new awnings.

    If you have been dreaming of a new awning design for your business, now is the time to schedule your installation. With a brand new awning, you can provide your commercial space with additional shade and sun protection during the upcoming summer season.

  • How Movie Settings and Awnings Are Important

    Many movie viewers may not realize how much they can learn about a character or story by analyzing a movie’s setting. A movie setting can signify a time period, a popular city, or a character’s spiritual journey. Movie settings are created in any number of different ways, such as a well-known storefront awning in New York City or a jungle paradise. Either option is important to a movie’s storytelling. Watch this video and continue reading to see the different ways that awnings , buildings, and landscapes are important to movies.

    As seen in the video, a movie with confused characters might subtly portray that confusion with bright storefront awnings in various languages. If a movie is about a particular period, such as turn-of-the-century New York City, then the setting might include vintage awning installations over each store’s entrance. There are several ways that a setting creates a movie, as long as viewers know where to look.

  • Could Your Restaurant Use a Retractable Awning?

    Are you looking into your options for commercial awnings in New York City? If so, then you’re probably aware of the functional and aesthetic benefits that these installations can offer. However, there are many style and options to choose from, and one popular variety to consider is a retractable awning. Watch this video to learn if retractable awning installation is right for your restaurant’s needs.

    Awning installation can increase your building’s energy efficiency, and having awnings over your windows can make your restaurant’s environment more comfortable for customers by blocking the harsh sun that streams through windows or hits your outdoor seating area. A retractable awning can be a great option for locations where you may not always want shade or where space is an issue.

  • A Look at the History of Awnings

    You may be accustomed to seeing storefront awnings and business canopies, but are you familiar with how these installations came about? If you’re thinking about enhancing your building’s appearance with awnings in New York City , then continue reading to learn about the evolution of these shades and their use over the years. History of awnings

    Early History

    Installing awnings on your building can offer energy savings, style, and historic appeal. Awnings can protect interior furnishings from sun damage, regulate indoor temperatures by preventing heat gain, and add curb appeal to building exteriors. The act of shading areas in this way offers romantic appeal and is no recent invention. The use of awnings and canopies date at least as far back as when ancient Syrians and Egyptians hung woven textiles over homes and shop stalls to help shade them from the intense sun.

    American History

    In time, these shades gained ornamental value. This became very apparent in the 1890s when Americans began installing striped canvas awnings on their Victorian homes to embellish their appearance. Awnings enjoyed growing popularity as people continued to enhance home and building exteriors with canvas coverings in a broad range of colors, patterns, and styles. Retractable awnings were developed for shopkeepers, allowing them to collapse their storefront canopies prior to stormy weather. This trend later spread to residential awnings. In the 1940s, aluminum shades replaced canvas ones. However, the use of awnings faded altogether in the 1950s as air conditioning installation became widespread.

    Current Day

    Today, awnings are enjoying renewed popularity as home and business owners look for ways to reduce their environmental impact and spend less money on cooling costs. People stopped installing awnings with the invention of air conditioning, but awnings still play an important role in preventing sunlight from streaming through windows. By blocking sun in this way, awnings can reduce the amount of energy needed to cool your building. Finally, adding style and color to your building’s exterior with awning installation can enhance the look of your commercial property.

  • Consider One of These Fabric Options for Your New Awning

    One of the key benefits of a new awning installation is that you will be able to customize your awnings to match the architectural style of your home of business. A company that creates custom business canopies and awnings in New York City can provide you with detailed information about all of the materials that are available for your new awning design. By gathering information about the most popular awning materials , you can choose a product that offers your desired weather resistance and style. Read on for a tour of some fabric options to consider for your new awning. Fabric for new awning


    If you are shopping for an awning fabric that offers both an open weave and great solar protection, you may want to consider the AwnTex line. AwnTex awning fabrics are meticulously woven from a blend of vinyl encapsulated polyester mesh, which is able to block up to 90 percent of the sun’s rays.


    BTF awning fabrics are among the most durable materials that are available on the market today. This special awning material is coated with a flame retardant and weatherproof material that will stand up to all types of weather conditions. By choosing BTF awning fabrics, you will also be purchasing an awning material that can easily be screen printed with your company’s logo or graphics.

    Eradi Light

    In certain scenarios, you may want your awning material to really stand out from the competition. To achieve a unique brilliance from your awning design, you can choose Eradi Light awning fabrics. The Eradi Light lineup of awning fabrics can be used to create awnings or signs that are backlit. Eradi Light fabric is dark in color, making it very easy to clean and maintain.


    Fire safety is a top concern for any business space. To rest assured that your new awning is fully fire resistant and in compliance with the latest fire codes, you may want to consider choosing Firesist fabrics. Firesist is highly fire resistant, making it a safe addition to your awning design.

  • The Uses of Awnings on Movie Sets

    Though they may seem like a small detail in the grand design of a movie or television set, awnings are an important detail found on movie sets . Whether directors and set designs are using popular storefront awnings or customized awning designs near New York City, they need awnings to complete certain details. Awnings can help shape a setting or time period, or they may be part of an important advertising campaign. No matter the reason, awnings are of great use on movie sets. How to use awnings on movie sets

    Represent a Setting

    One of the cornerstones of good storytelling comes from the ability to communicate the setting correctly. Whether someone is reading a story or watching it in a move, they must be able to understand the setting through various clues, such as an awning or business canopy. If a coffee shop is a crucial setting for a romance movie, then viewers should see a bright, colorful, and customized awning over the coffee shop’s windows. This is a simple, yet important, detail that can inform viewers where an important event or character is located.

    Depict a Time Period

    Awnings have been used since ancient times when markets and stalls used large woven mats or linens for shade. However, awnings as they are known today have been popularly used since the 19 th century. Different types of awnings and popular designs are great ways to communicate to viewers the time period of a movie. For example, many turn-of-the-century stores used striped fabrics over windows and doors. Certain colors, designs, and styles of awnings are important details that cannot be overlooked when filming a period piece.

    Feature Advertising

    Many franchises have recognizable awning designs outside of their stores, such as certain coffee shops and restaurants. Whether filming a movie or commercial, these awning details cannot be forgotten because they may be part of an advertising campaign. Many films and commercials may have a contract to advertise some of these businesses, so installing appropriate and accurate awning representations is very important to honoring business deals.

  • How to Choose the Right Awning for Your Business

    Awnings are a way to cut down on indoor energy costs, advertise your business, and offer an aesthetic appeal to your storefront. However, there are so many different types of awnings in New York City , that you may have difficulty choosing the right one for your business. Here is a brief look at how to choose the right commercial awning for your business:

    • If you only have one door and no windows leading into your store, then you may wish for a simple awning that has your store’s name and logo. If you have multiple windows or doors located around a large storefront, then consider adding a large storefront awning that will cover one side of the building’s multiple windows and doors.
    • If you have a patio area of your store, then use weather and sun-resistant awnings and business canopies. The materials used for these awnings will protect your investment and your customers from the sun.
    • Consider the different awning materials and designs to personalize the look of your business. Some materials may accept customized designs, logos, and business names better than others. Consult with your awning installers for more information.

    Choosing Right Storefront awning for your business

  • The Retractable Awning Installation Process

    Having retractable awnings over your windows or restaurant patio is a great way to utilize the sun and shade whenever you need them. With retractable awnings in NYC, you can block or direct the sun’s rays into your store or restaurant depending on the placement of the sun and the time of year.

    As you can see in the short video, the installation of manual or motorized retractable awnings is not a difficult process. Your commercial awning installers will come prepared with all of the equipment and tools required to place the retractable awning. They will measure the placement, and then install a few different anchors. These anchors will be strong enough to hold the awning in place as it moves inward and outward from the building. The installers will measure to make sure the awning is correctly installed, and then you can use your retractable awning right away.

  • The Benefits of Adding Umbrellas to Your Outdoor Area

    Once your store introduces sun awnings near NYC, you will notice a multitude of benefits. Awnings and umbrellas can offer your business greater energy efficiency , marketing opportunities, and happier customers. If you ever needed more proof that umbrellas in your outdoor area are a great choice, then continue reading for the ways your business will benefit. Benefits of adding umbrellas to outdoor area

    Increase your patronage.

    When customers pass by your storefront awning, they will be more likely to come inside if they see a lot of comfortable space available. They may see a cooled outside deck for eating or socializing. They may see added merchandise located on a connected patio. Customers want to see these available spaces, but if they look hot or uncomfortable, those same customers will likely keep walking past your store. You can encourage customers and increase patronage in your store by adding umbrellas and sun awnings to your outside areas.

    Keep customers happy.

    If you have an outdoor area—for dining or added merchandise—then adding umbrellas and sun awnings will encourage more customers to venture to these outside areas. Especially if it is sunny outside, many customers may not want to sit and eat or explore the merchandise located outside. They will be reluctant to leave the shelter provided by the inside of the store unless there is ample shade to keep the sun and heat off their heads and necks. Customers will be happier overall by the added options and cooling effects that your umbrellas can give them.

    Cool the inside area.

    You may think that installing awnings and umbrellas outside will only keep that area cool, but you are wrong. Umbrellas, sun awnings, and anything offering significant shade outdoors can actually help cool the inside of your store, as well. With umbrellas and awnings shading your building’s windows and outside decking, your cooling costs can reduce significantly. This added cooling will keep all of your customers, your air conditioner, and your wallet much happier.

  • Making Your Business More Appealing to Customers

    As a business owner, it is your job to make your company as appealing as possible to as many people as you can. While you can go about this in all sorts of different ways, there are few more practical than awnings in New York City . Your commercial building awning will help people notice and identify your building from afar, and it will also give them a nice atmosphere in which they can congregate. Retractable awnings can even help you keep your storefront in pristine condition, which is important for your brand. Read on if you are interested in making your business more appealing to customers. Commercial building awning.

    Stand out from the crowd.

    It can be hard for patrons to make a decision about where to go when every building looks the same, so you should do what you can to make your business stand out from its surroundings. In a place like New York City where there are countless options for customers to choose from, it’s important that people know where they can find your business. If you want to make your business stand out, a commercial awning can be an effective tool. A large awning that bears your logo can often be seen from a distance, and it can be of significant help when it comes to drawing in both new and returning customers.

    Create a comfortable environment.

    Although there is no quiet time of year for New York City, you will typically see an influx of tourists walking through the streets during the summer. Since the summer also brings intense heat, your business can gain an advantage by offering protection from the sun’s rays. Your commercial awning will protect customers and passersby from the sunlight and heat, making your business an attractive oasis.

    Keep your storefront clean.

    Awnings come in all different colors, sizes, and configurations, and some of them are retractable. If you want to keep your storefront looking pristine, a retractable awning may do the trick. You can reel the awning in during inclement weather to keep it clean and roll it back out to protect customers from the sun.