• How to Name Your Business

    Naming your business requires forethought and consideration. You must consider how your name will feature your brand or product, how it will look on correspondence and storefront awnings , and how your potential customers in New York City will respond to it. When deciding on a name for your business, there are a few tips that can help you choose the right one. Watch the video for more helpful tips on naming your business.

    • Make the name memorable and short. It should still be on customers’ minds as they pass by your store’s awning on the street.
    • Be specific to your industry. The best names typically feature the type or industry of product the store sells.
    • The name should be easy to spell and remember. When customers pass by your storefront awning, your business name should be easily brought back to mind.

  • How Mapes Awnings Are Used

    When you are seeking a high quality awning that is constructed from durable and beautiful materials, you may want to check out the selection of awnings that are available from Mapes . Mapes awnings feature an aluminum design, which is suspended by heavy duty hanger rods. When you choose a Mapes awning installation in New York City, you are sure to be thrilled with the aesthetic appeal and incredible strength of your new awning installation and how it enhances your commercial space.

    There are several common uses for Mapes awnings. Mapes awnings are used by commercial businesses to frame a storefront, window, or entryway. With their sleek and streamlined appearance, Mapes awnings can also be used to decorate the front of a building. If you are in need of an awning that also provides durable weather protection, your Mapes awning will also serve your needs. With their versatile applications, Mapes awnings are ideally suited for many business and retail spaces.

    how to use mapes awnings

  • Tips for Designing a Custom Awning

    Commercial awnings are designed to provide shade and shelter around the entryways or windows of a business space. If you are in the market for new awnings for your company, you may want to enlist the services of a company that offers customized awning designs. An awning company in New York City can work closely with you to help you create a new awning that reflects the personality and style of your business. If you are gearing up for a brand new awning installation, here is a look at some tips for designing a custom awning. Tips to design custom awning

    Create your vision.

    The first step of a custom awning design project is to create your own specific vision. As you are gathering inspiration and ideas for your new awnings, you may want to look at gorgeous awnings that have been installed on businesses in the surrounding area. Providing your awning fabricator with pictures or drawings of your desired product will help you make sure that your needs are met with your custom awning design.

    Consult with a specialist.

    Awning fabrication and installation is a specialized task that requires tools and training. In order to transform your vision for a custom awning into reality, you will need to consult with an awning fabrication specialist. Using information from your photographs, sketches, or descriptions, your awning specialist will be able to design and construct a custom awning that is a beautiful addition to the exterior of your business.

    Choose durable materials.

    A final factor to consider when you are designing a custom awning for your business is the materials that you will use for your final design. Awnings can be constructed from a range of materials, including aluminum, wood, and canvas. The materials that you choose for your awning will determine the overall durability and quality of your design. A company that specializes in custom awning creations can provide you with specific information about the pros and cons of each awning material.

  • Why Install an Awning on an Apartment Building?

    When you are constructing or renovating a new apartment building, you will want to make sure that the front of your building is appealing to potential tenants. One great way to add appeal to your apartment building, while also offering protection from the elements, is to install a new awning. With help from a company that specializes in awnings near New York City , you will be able to create a custom awning design that is tailored to the style of your urban apartment building. Here is a look at three great reasons to install an awning on an apartment building. Install awning on apartment building in New York City

    Improve Curb Appeal

    In order to help ensure that all of the units in your apartment building are occupied, you will want to make sure that your apartment’s front entrance has terrific curb appeal. Installing an awning is a great way to improve the curb appeal of your apartment building. A new awning will make the front entryway of your apartments much more inviting to both current and prospective tenants.

    Provide Shade and Weather Protection

    In New York City, many apartment buildings have doormen on staff. With a new awning installation, you can ensure that your doorman does not have to wait outside in the elements. As you are creating your awning design, you will want to plan a doorway covering that offers great protection from sun, rain, and even snow. Your awning can also protect your tenants when they are entering the building or waiting for a taxi cab.

    Advertise Your Apartments

    An awning is also a terrific spot to advertise the name and address of your apartments. If your apartment complex has a name, you can ask your awning company to print your logo design on the front or sides of your awning. When people pass your building on the street, a clearly displayed name will provide you with advertising for your apartments. You can also print additional information on your awning, such as the number of your rental agency.