• Conveying Your Business’s Personality

    An awning can be used to convey the personality of your business from the street. In this video, you will learn all about how to communicate the characteristics of your company through specific colors. As you are choosing colors for your awning in New York City, you will want to make sure that you select shades that are perceived to be appropriate for your business. Scientific companies, for example, many want to choose colors such as purple or blue.

    For assistance with creating an awning design that advertises your business, be sure to contact an awning company that serves your local area. With new storefront awnings, you can convey the personality of your company, while also shading your front entrances. Your awning installation professionals will be able to assist you with every stage of the design process.

  • Drawing New Customers to Your Business

    The only way a business can stay in business is to constantly attract new customers. Business canopies and storefront awnings in New York City can help pick up street traffic. Deals and an online presence can help get the word out about your business. How to draw new customers to business

    Install permanent advertising.

    Attracting customers off the street can bring in a whole new brand of clientele, especially if you have a shop sandwiched between a long line of other businesses. Installing storefront awnings and other forms of permanent advertising can generate a lot of new business. If potential customers are walking along a street, either looking for your store or a new place to shop, then an awning with your business name will help draw them into the store. There are many types of awning installations—colors, shapes, and fabrics—that can catch customers’ eyes so they do not pass over your store.

    Offer generous specials.

    Whether customers are looking for a store in your industry or simply walking by, you can attract them by showcasing various specials your store regularly runs. These specials may include a specific meal, percentage off of merchandise, or a loyalty card. Customers are more likely to enter your store if they see regular sales and deals being advertised. If you have a permanent sale or loyalty card available, then consider advertising it through your awning installation. This is another great use of your storefront awning and a way to attract customers.

    Create an online presence.

    In today’s world of technology, every business needs a solid online presence. This may include several social media accounts, a website, and a smartphone app. All of these technological applications and more help generate different ways for customers to find out about your business. For example, many customers may not know about your restaurant until they use a reviewing application that shows them your establishment has great reviews and several stars. Other customers can also post about your business on their own social media accounts. Your business will soon see many more customers once you create or expand your online presence.

  • How Capitol Awning Can Help Your Film Project

    No matter the size of your film project, Capitol Awning is the company to call for any type of awning you may need. With customized awning designs serving New York City , Capitol Awning is able to address all of your awning needs in a timely and professional manner. Here is a brief look at how your film will be completed once you call Capitol Awning:

    • If you are filming a specific time period or genre that requires a specialized awning design, Capitol Awning provides AutoCAD drawings to show you what the end result will look like.
    • Whether you need a custom awning design or a generic storefront awning, Capitol Awning produces the product in state-of-the-art facilities to get your awning to you in the time you need.
    • Capitol Awning is a member of the Set Decorators Society of America, providing many types of awnings, canopies, flags, and other set decorations to the NYC area.

    Awning for film project

  • Throwing Shade on Your Restaurant’s Patio

    Restaurants thrive on providing options to their customers, whether in seating or the menu. By making your restaurant’s patio more comfortable and accessible with an awning , you can give your diners more options of where to dine. With a commercial awning near New York City, you can also protect your restaurant’s investment in patio furniture and outdoor decorations. Once you install an awning over your restaurant’s patio, you and your diners will see some great results. Put shade on restaurant's patio

    Create more seating options.

    If you want to expand your restaurant, then making your patio more comfortable and diner-friendly with an awning or canopy is the best way to attract more business. Not only can you create more seating options, but you are able to give your diners more choices in where they would like to dine. If it is a lovely day outside, then many people will appreciate the chance to enjoy their meal while also enjoying the cool breeze and warm sun.

    Keep your diners comfortable.

    Many of your diners will love the choice of eating out on the patio. However, you must make the experience comfortable and enjoyable for them. If they have the sun beating down on them or the possibility of gray clouds raining down, they may not choose to eat on the patio. If you can offer sufficient sun and rain cover with an awning installation, they can enjoy their meal and be confident that it will be a great experience.

    Protect your patio furniture.

    Another essential reason to have strong shade over your restaurant patio is to protect your investment. Your furniture, linens, plates, and decorations need to be protected against the fading damage of the sun. They must also be protected from potential birds flying overhead or roosting on the patio roof. The best way to keep your patio safe from potential damages is with a strong awning or business canopy keeping the area covered. Your customers will thank you, and you will be much happier with the longevity of the patio furniture you have bought.