• Behind the Scenes: Awning Fabrication

    Awnings can be traced back all the way to the Roman era. In this video, you will take a look at how modern awnings are made and controlled. When a canvas awning is made, a skilled seamstress will sew durable strips of awning fabric together in a pattern. Next, the canvas is connected to a durable framework. A company that offers awning installation in New York City can assist you with every step of designing and fabricating your new awnings.

    If you have been dreaming of a new awning design for your business, now is the time to schedule your installation. With a brand new awning, you can provide your commercial space with additional shade and sun protection during the upcoming summer season.

  • How Movie Settings and Awnings Are Important

    Many movie viewers may not realize how much they can learn about a character or story by analyzing a movie’s setting. A movie setting can signify a time period, a popular city, or a character’s spiritual journey. Movie settings are created in any number of different ways, such as a well-known storefront awning in New York City or a jungle paradise. Either option is important to a movie’s storytelling. Watch this video and continue reading to see the different ways that awnings , buildings, and landscapes are important to movies.

    As seen in the video, a movie with confused characters might subtly portray that confusion with bright storefront awnings in various languages. If a movie is about a particular period, such as turn-of-the-century New York City, then the setting might include vintage awning installations over each store’s entrance. There are several ways that a setting creates a movie, as long as viewers know where to look.

  • The Awning Installation Process

    Awnings can offer many benefits to your business, such as making you more visible, reinforcing your brand, and providing shade to your customers. When you are deciding on what sort of commercial awning in New York City is right for you, consider a retractable awning . A retractable awning offers you flexibility, giving shade or rain protection when you need it, and retracting when you don’t. Watch this video to see the awning installation process in action.

    Choose a color or pattern that works well for your business, and consider how you want to display your business name. The professionals will arrive to install your awning, which is a relatively quick process. Make sure that you have obtained any necessary permits to have an awning outside your business, and that an awning is allowed in your area. After the professionals complete the installation, you’ll have a beautiful awning that will benefit your business for years to come.

  • Commercial Awnings 101

    Almost any business can benefit from a storefront awning or commercial awning installation in NYC . Motorized retractable awnings can protect your customers from the sun, wind, and rain, while custom awnings can advertise your business services. Here is a look at the different types of commercial awnings available, the benefits of awning installation, and how to use outdoor awnings to advertise your business.

    Commercial awnings installation in New York City

    Benefits of Commercial Awning Installation

    If you operate a business that has a patio or outdoor seating, a restaurant awning or outdoor awning installation can provide your customers with shade and shelter. It will make your business look more inviting and attractive on sunny or drizzly days, and allows you to expand customer seating outdoors. Retractable awnings allow you to shelter customers during harsh weather, while still being able to retract the awning when it’s not needed. Storefront awnings, outdoor awnings, and front door awnings give you the opportunity to advertise your services to passersby, drawing in new customers.

    Types of Awnings Available from Your Awning Company

    Your local awning company can offer you a variety of custom awning designs, colors, and materials. If you opt for a retractable awning, you can choose between an electric awning or motorized retractable awning, or a manual retractable awning. If you’ve decided on outdoor awning installation, you can pick a waterproof canvas awning. You also have your choice of front door awnings, window awnings, or storefront awnings in any awning design imaginable. Modern awning designs allow waterproof, retractable awnings to act as a temporary roof for a patio or outdoor seating area.

    Using Outdoor Awnings to Advertise Your Business

    When you order a custom awning from a reputable awning company, you can create a custom awning design that incorporates your company’s branding. Your outdoor awning will be designed in your company’s colors, using your company’s logos, fonts, and graphics, and will carefully detail your company’s services. An outdoor awning allows you to advertise your services to a wider customer base, and passersby will be tempted to come in immediately and take advantage of your services.

  • Spotlight on Franchise Awnings

    One of the reasons franchises are so successful is that the franchise brands are recognizable anywhere. Part of the reason why franchises are so easily and instantly recognizable is the fact that the storefronts are fairly consistent from location to location in terms of color scheme, graphics, etc. That’s why it’s important that commercial awnings at franchise locations are designed and installed by experts with decades of experience working exclusively with corporations and individual franchise owners throughout the United States.

    Capitol Awning of NYC, for example, specializes in adapting franchise specs to fit storefronts and buildings in the Big Apple. The commercial awning experts at Capitol Awning offer custom fabrication in a state-of-the-art production facility in Jamaica, NY and manufacture awnings designed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions in the northeast. For all your franchise awning design and installation needs, trust an experienced commercial awning company like Capitol Awning. Franchise awnings by Capitol Awning in New York City

  • Spotlight on Window Graphics

    Do you want your business to stand out? Custom window graphics are a great way to make use of valuable advertising space that would otherwise be wasted. Whether you want to advertise a seasonal product, inform your customers of a special sale, or simply exhibit your brand to help people find your business, custom window graphics are an affordable and effective way to deliver the right message to a wider audience.

    Window graphics are also available on roll-down screens so you can brand your business or advertise a sale on a Window graphics in New York City need-only basis. Roll-down graphic screens can also help keep your business cool and increase privacy as well. To get started, contact a provider of window graphics and storefront awnings in NYC today. Commercial awning and window graphics companies can help you design the perfect products to achieve your goals.

  • Examining Common Outdoor Awning Materials

    Commercial awnings help businesses stand out, but that’s not the only thing they’re good for. Storefront awnings can transform the front of your business into a covered outdoor seating area, providing your customers’ shade and protection from the elements. And thanks to modern advancements in outdoor awning materials, a custom-designed and professionally-installed awning in NYC will last for decades. Here’s a look at some of the material options you have to choose from when designing a new storefront awning .

    Although heavier than acrylic and acrylic-coated materials, vinyl awning fabrics are very resistant to UV light and Outdoor awning materials by Capitol Awning Company in new York City mildew. Vinyl also offers greater translucency than most other fabrics and materials, making them ideally suited for backlit and illuminated awnings. One of the downsides of vinyl is that there are generally fewer styles and colors to choose from compared to acrylic fabrics.

    Canvas was traditionally the preferred awning material until acrylic and acrylic-coated synthetic fabrics came around. These materials hold up much longer compared to canvas, and are also much better suited at repelling water. Like vinyl, acrylic fabrics and fabrics coated with acrylic work well in areas with high humidity are resistant to damage from UV light.

    If you’re looking for a more permanent shade structure, fiberglass is a lightweight alternative to steel or aluminum. Fiberglass awnings are molded with color pigments in the resin, preventing the need to repaint. Unfortunately, fiberglass awnings can become brittle over time and may need to be repaired or replaced sooner than fabric sun awnings.

    These are just a few of the awning materials you can choose from. If you are looking for a custom shade structure for your business, get in touch with a commercial awning supplier in NYC to discuss your options and determine which type of material (and which type of awning) is right for you.

  • A Look Inside the Capitol Awning Shop

    If you are in need of a boost for your business that can pay off in both practical and aesthetic ways, it may be time to consider an awning near NYC . Storefront awning designs can attract both old and new customers, and nobody makes them better than Capitol Awning Company. Watch this video clip for your look inside the Capitol Awning shop.

    Capitol Awning Company has been creating custom awnings for countless businesses for almost seventy years. In our shop we create awnings for banks, restaurants, hospitals, and just about any other type of business you can imagine. Our team is highly trained and skilled in the art of designing and manufacturing commercial awnings. With our awnings we help businesses promote their brand and enjoy high quality products that will last for years. Customer service is the heart of our business and we treat our clients with respect and courtesy.

  • A Look at the Different Types of Awnings

    Awnings in NYC make for a great way to enhance the visibility of your business and attract local customers. There are many different types of awnings to choose from, like motorized tractable awnings or franchise awnings that bear your company’s recognizable brand. This simple addition to your storefront can make a meaningful impact on the environment that you choose to foster. Keep reading if you are interested in taking a look at the different types of awnings.

    Retractable Awnings
    If you live in an area where temperatures may range dramatically throughout the course of a year, you may enjoy the unique benefits that motorized retractable awnings have to offer. You might purchase an awning and Types of Awnings NYC enjoy it throughout the summer only to be struck with the realization that you might experience heavy snowfall throughout the winter. If you want to protect your awning from the elements in case of a severe storm, it helps to have one that you can retract when necessary. Although your awning may be able to stand up to the snow anyway, this option will prevent you from ever having to take the risk and find out. When the sun comes back out, you can display your awning once again and protect your customers from the rays.

    Franchise Awnings
    Many companies choose to install awnings as part of their corporate design. From fast food chains to clothing stores, you may immediately notice dozens of franchises with just a quick glance down a city block. A franchise awning helps to keep your business and brand cohesive and uniform. Your loyal customers will know to look for an awning that displays your brand’s logo when looking for your store in an unfamiliar area. It also alerts people who are strolling by to your presence.

    Hospital Awnings
    Hospital awnings can help people stay organized and on task while working on a hospital campus. They can point out areas where ambulances dock, create wind barriers, and help to identify different wings from the hospital parking lot. Time is especially precious in emergency situations, so this type of organization can help out significantly.