• A Look Inside the Capitol Awning Shop

    If you are in need of a boost for your business that can pay off in both practical and aesthetic ways, it may be time to consider an awning near NYC . Storefront awning designs can attract both old and new customers, and nobody makes them better than Capitol Awning Company. Watch this video clip for your look inside the Capitol Awning shop.

    Capitol Awning Company has been creating custom awnings for countless businesses for almost seventy years. In our shop we create awnings for banks, restaurants, hospitals, and just about any other type of business you can imagine. Our team is highly trained and skilled in the art of designing and manufacturing commercial awnings. With our awnings we help businesses promote their brand and enjoy high quality products that will last for years. Customer service is the heart of our business and we treat our clients with respect and courtesy.

  • Bank Awnings 101

    Awnings in NYC are appropriate for all kinds of businesses—hospitals, gyms, restaurants, and even banks. Modern awnings will provide your business with a range of benefits that can help you attract more clients and appeal to your existing customers. You can even make use of motorized retractable awnings if you want to avoid the risk of damage by the elements. Continue reading for a closer look at awnings for banks in Bank Awnings 101.

    Bank awnings can make your bank easier to find. Your customers will appreciate being able to easily locate your Awnings Banks in NYC branch location, especially if they are looking for an ATM after business hours. The importance of branding cannot be overstated for small banks as well as large chains. Your bank awning should display a custom logo that your member base is accustomed to seeing, allowing them to locate and access your bank with ease and avoid the hassle of ATM fees. Other important aspects of branding are color and condition; you want your awning to match your corporate colors and look clean, new, and professional.

  • A Look at the Different Types of Awnings

    Awnings in NYC make for a great way to enhance the visibility of your business and attract local customers. There are many different types of awnings to choose from, like motorized tractable awnings or franchise awnings that bear your company’s recognizable brand. This simple addition to your storefront can make a meaningful impact on the environment that you choose to foster. Keep reading if you are interested in taking a look at the different types of awnings.

    Retractable Awnings
    If you live in an area where temperatures may range dramatically throughout the course of a year, you may enjoy the unique benefits that motorized retractable awnings have to offer. You might purchase an awning and Types of Awnings NYC enjoy it throughout the summer only to be struck with the realization that you might experience heavy snowfall throughout the winter. If you want to protect your awning from the elements in case of a severe storm, it helps to have one that you can retract when necessary. Although your awning may be able to stand up to the snow anyway, this option will prevent you from ever having to take the risk and find out. When the sun comes back out, you can display your awning once again and protect your customers from the rays.

    Franchise Awnings
    Many companies choose to install awnings as part of their corporate design. From fast food chains to clothing stores, you may immediately notice dozens of franchises with just a quick glance down a city block. A franchise awning helps to keep your business and brand cohesive and uniform. Your loyal customers will know to look for an awning that displays your brand’s logo when looking for your store in an unfamiliar area. It also alerts people who are strolling by to your presence.

    Hospital Awnings
    Hospital awnings can help people stay organized and on task while working on a hospital campus. They can point out areas where ambulances dock, create wind barriers, and help to identify different wings from the hospital parking lot. Time is especially precious in emergency situations, so this type of organization can help out significantly.

  • Using Awnings to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Business

    The right type of awnings in NYC can make your company look good and attract the business of tourists and locals alike. Store awnings can help to cultivate the atmosphere that you want your business to put forth and direct eager customers to your location. Read on to learn more about using awnings to boost the curb appeal of your business.

    Creating the Right Atmosphere
    If you run a successful business, chances are you know your clientele. You know who they are, what they like, and Store Awnings by Commercial Awning Company in New York City what would motivate them to visit your store . For coffee shops and health food stores, this often involves comfortable chairs and relaxing music. In the case of skateboard shops and music stores, you might want a more energetic environment. Regardless of what type of atmosphere you want to create, a store awning can help you make it happen. Whether your customers like to hear acoustic crooning or blaring punk rock music, make sure they can hear it while passing under your awning.

    Representing Your Franchise
    An attractive atmosphere will help to bring a few people off the street and into your shop, but awnings do more than just create an environment. You can also use your awning to represent your franchise. This is particularly helpful in crowded areas like New York City where storefronts may be battling for space. An awning can let people know that they are nearing your store, even if they are still some distance away. This can keep people moving in the right direction: into your business.

    Catching Passersby
    Awnings can also boost your curb appeal in away that expands your client base. The use of eccentric colors that stand out from the norm may stick out to some passersby. It is important that the way you design your awning reflects your philosophy and style as a business to attract the right customers.