• Using Palapas for Shade

    A palapa is an outdoor structure that looks like a pergola with a thatched roof. Often seen peppered across beaches in Mexico and in tropical regions, palapas are great shade providers. When deciding to build a palapa over your patio for shade, or any sun blocker like a window awning or commercial awning, be sure you’re aware of how the sun moves across your property throughout the day, and position your shade structure accordingly. Hire a reputable professional who specializes in building and installing shade structures such as a palapa or a retractable awning in NYC .

    Check out this informative video to learn more about palapa designs and storefront awning designs.

  • A Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Awnings

    Metal and canvas awnings in NYC tend to be at the whim of the elements day in and day out, dealing with many harsh conditions like unrelenting sunlight, rain, snowstorms, pollution, and debris. To keep your commercial building awnings looking their best for years to come, you have to set up a maintenance routine that includes regular cleaning. Here are some ways to help you maintain your awnings. For more tips, contact the awning company that installed your canopies.

    How to Maintain awnings

    Rinse Your Awnings Routinely

    Over a short period of time, outdoor awnings can become covered in dust, dirt, and debris. Whether your commercial space has metal or fabric awnings, you should thoroughly rinse them off at least once a year. If large trees surround your business space, or if you live in an area that’s particularly dusty, you should rinse your awnings more often. You don’t need any fancy tools—a garden hose and a ladder should do the trick!

    Use Soap and Water

    If your awnings still look dirty after a thorough rinsing, you should scrub them with soap and water. Take care to use appropriate methods depending on whether you’re dealing with metal or fabric. For example, you can scrub metal awnings more aggressively than fabric ones using a brush manufactured for car washing and standard dish soap. For fabric, use a mild solution and a soft-bristled brush. If you use a brush with stiff bristles, you run the risk of damaging fabric.

    Deal with Stubborn Stains and Dirt

    If you notice stubborn stains or dirt buildup on your awnings after you’ve scrubbed them, you may need to spot treat. Use distilled white vinegar and water, or a cleaning solution made for ovens and cooktops, on metal awnings. On fabric, soak stains with cleaner made for laundry and fabric.

    Clean Off Debris from Your Awnings

    Regularly remove debris, such as leaves and twigs, from your awnings. Dust and pollen should be brushed off to keep your canopies looking shiny and new.

  • What Are the Different Types of Awnings?

    Outdoor space gives you and your guests more area to enjoy! If you are considering installing an awning near NYC to make your outdoor space more enjoyable, you have several options that can enhance this versatile space. The right one for you depends on many different factors, including your design preferences and how you plan to use your outdoor space. Here is a look at the different types of awnings you can expect to encounter when you make your purchase. Types of awnings

    Stationary Awnings

    As the name suggests, stationary awnings stay in position permanently. While these types of awnings are popular, they can be vulnerable to wind gusts and damaging snow build-up. Your awning company can help you determine the right placement to minimize any potential for damage and understand the proper care to avoid weather-related issues.

    Retractable Awnings

    Retractable awnings are extremely popular because of their adaptability. They give your customers the benefits of shade when they want to spend time outdoors and let you retract the awnings when they are not in use or when you want to provide a little more sun. The ability to retract these awnings means that you can protect them from weather damage when necessary, yet they offer the same sturdiness of stationary awnings.

    Motorized Awnings

    Motorized awnings, or electric awnings, are similar to retractable awnings, except that instead of manually retracting the awning, you can open and close it with a motorized system. Some motorized awnings even work by remote so that they can be opened and closed without you having to go outside. Likewise, some motorized awnings come with sensors and automatically open when the sun is out and retract when the wind reaches a certain level. If you buy a motorized awning, be sure to choose one that also comes with a hand crank for manual operation so you can still use it in the case of a power outage or motor failure.

  • A Look at Printed Shade Screens

    If you need to control the sunlight streaming into your business, you don’t have to settle for boring blinds. Printed shade screens offer an opportunity to inject style while marketing your services. Much like branded custom awnings near NYC improve your doorways, printed shade screens offer your business both form and function.

    Custom printed shade screens are available as both roller shades and window films. They filter harmful UV rays and associated heat, which helps to reduce your energy usage. If you are seeking LEED certification, printed window shades may help you satisfy some of the requirements.

    Custom shade screens also offer an ideal marketing opportunity. Customers inside can look out of the shades, but from the outside, people walking by see any image you choose. Pick colors that integrate with your brand and awning and have your logo or another image digitally printed on the shade to attract more customers into your business with your awning design. Blending your custom outdoor awnings and your shades help to establish your brand identify while providing the interior functionality you need. Printed shades screens in New York City