• Commercial Awnings 101

    Almost any business can benefit from a storefront awning or commercial awning installation in NYC . Motorized retractable awnings can protect your customers from the sun, wind, and rain, while custom awnings can advertise your business services. Here is a look at the different types of commercial awnings available, the benefits of awning installation, and how to use outdoor awnings to advertise your business.

    Commercial awnings installation in New York City

    Benefits of Commercial Awning Installation

    If you operate a business that has a patio or outdoor seating, a restaurant awning or outdoor awning installation can provide your customers with shade and shelter. It will make your business look more inviting and attractive on sunny or drizzly days, and allows you to expand customer seating outdoors. Retractable awnings allow you to shelter customers during harsh weather, while still being able to retract the awning when it’s not needed. Storefront awnings, outdoor awnings, and front door awnings give you the opportunity to advertise your services to passersby, drawing in new customers.

    Types of Awnings Available from Your Awning Company

    Your local awning company can offer you a variety of custom awning designs, colors, and materials. If you opt for a retractable awning, you can choose between an electric awning or motorized retractable awning, or a manual retractable awning. If you’ve decided on outdoor awning installation, you can pick a waterproof canvas awning. You also have your choice of front door awnings, window awnings, or storefront awnings in any awning design imaginable. Modern awning designs allow waterproof, retractable awnings to act as a temporary roof for a patio or outdoor seating area.

    Using Outdoor Awnings to Advertise Your Business

    When you order a custom awning from a reputable awning company, you can create a custom awning design that incorporates your company’s branding. Your outdoor awning will be designed in your company’s colors, using your company’s logos, fonts, and graphics, and will carefully detail your company’s services. An outdoor awning allows you to advertise your services to a wider customer base, and passersby will be tempted to come in immediately and take advantage of your services.

  • NYC Storefront Guidelines for Business Owners

    If you plan on installing an outdoor awning or storefront awning in NYC, you must investigate your city’s awning installation guidelines. New York City has specific rules and regulations about awning installation of retractable awnings, front door awnings, window awnings, and any other commercial awning. Here are some guidelines for awning installation in NYC.


    Storefront Awning Design and Lettering Regulations

    An outdoor awning, storefront awning, or front door awning on a commercial business is subject to awning design and lettering regulations imposed by the city. Your storefront awning’s lettering must not be more than 12 inches high, or cover more than 12 square feet of space. Only the name and address of the business can be displayed on your custom awning. The awning fabric must be water-resistant canvas with a matte finish, and the canvas awning must be a solid color, or with vertical stripes that relate to the historic color of the building. Any signs, letterings, or graphics in the awning design must be painted on the commercial awning skirt.

    Commercial Awning Installation Regulations

    You must receive a permit for a new commercial awning or storefront awning installation. Commercial awning installation permits allow for retractable awnings and fixed awning installation. Retractable window awnings or front door awnings must follow the curved configuration of the window or door openings. Fixed window awnings or front door awnings should have a straight slope and be open at the sides. All commercial awnings must not damage, hide, or obscure a building feature; must be attached to a projecting storefront; must not exceed the length of the window or door; and must be installed at least eight feet above the sidewalk.

    Repairs or Maintenance of Existing Storefront Awnings

    You must receive a permit for significant repairs to or replacement of existing outdoor awnings. You do not need a permit for routine awning maintenance, such as cleaning, seasonal awning removal, fabric patching, and minor repairs or adjustments. Routine outdoor awning maintenance must be performed to ensure your commercial awning always looks its best.

  • Making a Logo that Pops on Your Awning

    As you begin planning your commercial awning installation, you’ll want to develop a compelling awning design in NYC . Your storefront awning design should include graphics that stand out, and that are easily recognizable as being associated with your business and its services. You can choose an awning company that can provide professional assistance with your awning design and awning installation services, in order to guarantee that your storefront awning is a successful advertising tool.

    Watch this video for some great tips on awning design that will help you make a logo that pops. Design experts Joe Posner, and Michael Bierut give their expert advice on creating a professional logo for use in your storefront awning design.

  • Improving Your Curb Appeal with the Right Commercial Awning

    A commercial awning can make your business property more visible and attractive and can enhance its curb appeal. If you would like to improve the look of your business venue, contact a reputable company specializing in installing commercial awnings near NYC . There are a few things you should consider before deciding which type of awning to install.

    Improve curb appeal with commercial awning

    What is the Main Purpose of Your Awning?

    Commercial awnings can serve a variety of different purposes. All awnings need to be hardwearing, weatherproof, and offer UV protection. However, the specific characteristics of your awning will depend on its planned uses. You may wish to display your company’s name and logo prominently, in order to make it more striking and instantly recognizable from the street. If you run a café or restaurant, you may wish to provide seating on the pavement underneath the awning itself. An awning can provide shade, enabling customers to sit outdoors while protecting them from direct sunlight. It can also serve to demarcate the sidewalk space dedicated to your restaurant, thereby creating a cozier feel. Consider whether you would like your awning to be a temporary or permanent addition to the building and whether you would prefer a fixed or a retractable feature. You may wish to include a light feature in order to increase visibility at night.

    How Would You Like Your Awning to Look?

    There are a number of factors to bear in mind when choosing a color and style for your awning. Consult a professional awning company for ideas. There is a wide variety of different colors and fabrics for you to choose from. Consider incorporating your company’s colors and matching or complementing your business’s décor. You can also create interesting effects by using different finishes and mounting designs and by varying the depth and projection of the awning. A good awning company will be able to advise you on suitable designs, as well as providing installation services.