• A Guide to Keeping Your Commercial Awning in Top Condition

    A commercial awning can greatly enhance your business’s street visibility and curb appeal. If you are interested in adding an awning to your commercial property, consult a professional service specializing in storefront awning designs near NYC . There are a wide range of colors, styles, and fabrics to choose from. However, if your awning looks dirty, dingy, or shabby, it can detract from its appeal and make your company seem less professional. Whatever awning you select, there are a few simple guidelines you can follow in order to maintain your commercial awning in excellent condition.

    How to keep commercial awning in top condition

    Keep the Awning Clean

    Check your awning on a daily basis for dirt, grime, bird feces, and other spillages and stains. Leave dirt and grime for too long and it can become ingrained. Tackle any stains right away for best results. Wash your awning on a regular basis to keep the fabric looking bright and clean. To prevent damage to the fabric, use a gentle, non-abrasive cleaning solution. How frequently you need to clean your awning will depend on a number of factors. You may need to wash the awning more often if your building is situated on a busy street where it’s exposed to fumes and pollution. Weather conditions can also affect the state of your awning. If your awning is liable to get damp, clean it regularly to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. In addition to being unsightly, mold can present a health hazard for both customers and staff.

    Keep the Surrounding Area Clear of Debris

    Make sure your awning is always free of debris. If you allow leaf litter and other plant debris to accumulate on your awning, this can lead to mold growth. Twigs and other sharp objects can damage your awning. If a branch or twig makes a small hole in the fabric, that hole can stretch and expand over time. Keep the area surrounding the awning as clear as possible and check your awning regularly.

  • See How One Business Uses Sunbrella Fabrics to Change Their Outdoor Space

    The Yanay Hotel is a beautiful example of how an awning can transform an outdoor space. If you are interested in exploring the ways in which an awning can enhance the look and feel of your commercial property, consult a company specializing in awning installation near NYC . Meanwhile, watch this video to get some inspiration.

    The video discusses the ways in which the awning enabled the hotel to create a harmony between their indoor and outdoor spaces. The design was chosen to enhance the architecture and décor of the hotel and to complement its surroundings. The presenters emphasize the importance of choosing an awning which is suited to your building’s aesthetics and needs. They also discuss the ways in which their awning enabled them to make optimum use of their outdoor space.

  • How Capital Awning Helps Small Businesses

    One way to enhance the visibility, curb appeal, and attractiveness of your commercial property is to add an awning. An awning can change the look of your building, attract customers, and enable you to make more efficient use of outdoor space. Here at Capitol Awning Company, we specialize in installing storefront awnings near NYC . There are a number of options to choose from. In addition to traditional awnings and canopies, we offer free-standing structures which can be used to provide outdoor shade and UV protection for customers and staff. Ask about our selection of signs, flags, and banners, which can be used to complement your canopy or awning. We also provide custom window shade systems.

    We can offer help and advice with every stage of the process. Our specialized staff will use state-of-the-art design technology to create an awning which complements the architecture and décor of your building and meets your specific needs. We work quickly and efficiently, using trained, OSHA-certified staff.

    Capitol awning for small businesses in New York City

  • Creating an Outdoor Restaurant Dining Area

    A major asset for any restaurant or cafe is outdoor dining space. People love dining in the open air, especially when the weather is favorable. If you own a restaurant with a decently sized patio, you want to create an outdoor dining environment that’s comfortable for your guests, which means you should have a space that can protect diners from the elements. Here are some great ways to create a beautiful outdoor space that’s perfect for enjoying food. Be sure to hire a professional contractor who specializes in shade structures and awning installation near NYC to help you. Create Outdoor restaurant dining area

    Shade Your Guests

    When the sun is out and the weather’s warm, people generally want to be outside, whether it’s to hang out at the beach, to have a picnic in the park, or to enjoy a meal at a restaurant. If you’re seating diners outside, be sure you have some kind of shade structure for your guests to retreat under when they want to escape the sun’s rays for a while. Outdoor awnings, particularly those that are aesthetically pleasing, are great options. Though most awnings tend to be permanently fixed in place, retractable awnings offer versatility, and can be rolled out and in depending on how much shade coverage you need or want on any given day. Custom umbrellas are another good option, and come in many sizes, colors, and designs—you can even have your business’s name and logo printed on them.

    Install Fans and Misters

    When used in conjunction with awnings or other shade structures, fans can help to keep your outdoor guests cool when the temperature outside is high, creating much needed air circulation. Be sure to keep fans running on an appropriate setting that’s not annoying to your guests. On super hot days, utilize a misting system for added comfort.

    Use Patio Heaters

    You can still seat diners outside when the weather is cool. Patio heaters—independently standing or installed against exterior walls underneath awnings—are highly effective at creating a cozy atmosphere.

  • What Are Mapes Awnings?

    If you’re looking for a reliable and durable commercial awning in NYC, go with a canopy manufactured by Mapes Industries. These awnings are made entirely of metal, such as aluminum, and are suspended by hanger rods that are manufactured to take on heavy architectural loads. Mapes awnings are ideal for commercial buildings like shopping malls, business centers, storefronts, building entrances, loading docks, and industrial walkways.

    Mapes awnings come in a wide range of shapes and styles. Their Lumishade line boasts versatile aluminum canopies that are economically roll formed. Their Super Lumideck line offers an all-extruded metal canopy that’s designed to handle high-load applications. Both of these Mapes awnings have become the industry standard for metal awnings, and are available in a variety of powder-coated and Kynar finishes. If you’re interested in enhancing your building with a Mapes awning, get in contact with a reputable awning company that’s experienced with Mapes Architectural Canopies, as well as awning design and installation.

    Mapes awnings in New York City