• Commercial Awnings and Their Impact on Energy Use

    Reduced energy consumption is a top priority for many commercial businesses. When you are seeking smart and simple ways to save energy on a daily basis, you may want to consider installing commercial awnings around the outside of your building. Awnings can help you save energy by reducing the amount that you spend on heating and cooling your building. A company that offers awning installation in New York City will be able to help you create an energy-smart awning design. Read on for an overview of commercial awnings and how they affect energy use. Impact of commercial awnings on energy use

    Reduce Solar Radiation

    Throughout the hottest months of the year, your building can be affected by solar radiation. When solar rays hit your windows, they will penetrate into your indoor spaces and cause the temperature of your building to rise at a rapid rate. With a commercial awning installation, you can cut down on solar radiation significantly. Your new awnings will keep your building cool, which will reduce the energy costs of running an air conditioner.

    Cut Back on Heat Gain

    Solar heat gain is another factor that can have a dramatic impact on the overall energy use of your building. When your windows are exposed to high amounts of solar heat, they will start to spread this heat into your interior areas. New canvas awnings will be able to cut back on your building’s heat gain by as much as 65 percent, which will lead to terrific energy savings over the months and years.

    Improve Performance of Tinted Glass

    If you have chosen to reduce heat gain through the use of window tint, but have found that your installation has not been effective in reducing your energy bills, you may want to incorporate an awning design into your plans. Awnings are much more effective than solar films in the prevention of solar heat gain. When you combine an awning with solar tinted glass, you will achieve the ultimate in UV protection for your building.

  • How to Choose Fabric for Your Awning

    Awnings are designed to protect your building from excess heat and intense sunlight during the summer season. When you are planning on installing new commercial awnings in New York City, it is important to select an awning material that offers both durability and style. Today’s canvas awnings can be constructed from a variety of high-tech materials that offer the ultimate in sun protection, fade resistance, and overall durability. To help you purchase the best awnings for your needs, here are some tips to keep in mind when you are selecting an awning material. Choose fabric for awning

    Evaluate Shade Factors

    One of the primary functions of an awning is to provide shade to your windows and exterior spaces. As you are selecting a canvas awning material, you will want to make sure that you pick out a product that has a high shade factors. Advanced awning materials, such as AwnTex, offer terrific shade factors of 88 percent or higher. By picking out a fabric that blocks out 88 percent of the sun’s rays, you can achieve the best possible shading for your business.

    Ask About Weather Resistance

    When you invest in new awnings for your building, the last thing that you will want to do is have to replace them within a few years time. Fortunately, with a smart fabric selection, you can make sure that your awning is ready to withstand wind, rain, snow, and other extreme weather conditions. Another terrific benefit of a weather resistant awning material is that it will typically be protected from mold and mildew.

    Look at Different Colors and Patterns

    Along with providing your building with shade and protection, your awning should also offer terrific style. Your perfect awning fabric will come in a wide array of hues and patterns, so you can create a look that matches with your exterior design scheme. Materials like the Patio 500 fabric line are also designed to easily accept silk screen printing and other design applications.

  • Spotlight on Weathertyte

    When you are browsing through customized awning designs for your upcoming awning installation, it is important to make sure that you choose the right fabric for your awning project . Weathertyte fabric is an ideal selection for many different types of awning installations. With its exceptional beauty and incredible durability, Weathertyte will dramatically enhance your awning installation near New York City.

    There are a few unique features that make Weathertyte a cut above other types of awing materials. When you choose Weathertyte for your awning, you will have the option of choosing between dozens of vibrant and artistic colors and patterns. Along with being very eye catching and beautiful. Weathertyte has also been engineered to resist mold, mildew, fire, and water damage. Over the years and seasons, you can rest assured that your Weathertyte awning will not show signs of aging or fading. Overall, a Weathertyte awning is a terrific investment for your new commercial awning design.

    What is weathertyte

  • The Many Benefits of the Gennius Waterproof Retractable Roof System

    If you have been browsing the different types of awnings that are available for your commercial business, you may want to take a look at retractable awnings from the Gennius brand. Gennius has designed their awnings to provide superior sun and rain protection, without sacrificing style. An awning company in New York City will be able to provide you with detailed specifics about the advantages of the Gennius awning line. Here is an overview of the terrific benefits that the Gennius Waterproof Retractable Roof System has to offer for your building. Benefits of waterproof retractable roof

    Excellent Weather Protection

    One of the highlights of the Gennius Waterproof Retractable Roof System is that this type of awning has been specifically engineered to provide your building with superior protection from the elements. When you install a new Gennius awning, you can expect your installation to be highly resistant to damage from sun exposure, high winds, or heavy rains. In fact, the Gennius Waterproof Retractable Roof System has been engineered for year round performance.

    Extend Outdoor Dining or Entertaining Season

    During the fall and spring seasons, unpredictable weather may send your guests indoors before the outdoor entertaining and dining season is really over. If you want to get the longest use from your outdoor areas each season, you might want to install the Gennius Waterproof Retractable Roof System. With this system, your employees and guests will be completely protected during inclement weather and other unpredictable weather events throughout the year.

    Enjoy Adjustable Performance

    Another terrific benefit of the Gennius Waterproof Retractable Roof System is that this type of awning can be easily retracted on demand. When you find that an awning is not necessary for a certain type of weather or special event, you can simply retract your awning with the flip of a switch. By providing you with fully retractable functionality, the Gennius Waterproof Retractable Roof System can be completely tailored to meet your exact needs. If you want an awning, but are seeking full control over its performance, a product from Gennius may be right for your needs.

  • How Movie Settings and Awnings Are Important

    Many movie viewers may not realize how much they can learn about a character or story by analyzing a movie’s setting. A movie setting can signify a time period, a popular city, or a character’s spiritual journey. Movie settings are created in any number of different ways, such as a well-known storefront awning in New York City or a jungle paradise. Either option is important to a movie’s storytelling. Watch this video and continue reading to see the different ways that awnings , buildings, and landscapes are important to movies.

    As seen in the video, a movie with confused characters might subtly portray that confusion with bright storefront awnings in various languages. If a movie is about a particular period, such as turn-of-the-century New York City, then the setting might include vintage awning installations over each store’s entrance. There are several ways that a setting creates a movie, as long as viewers know where to look.

  • Attracting More Customers to Your Business

    As you can see in the attached video, there are a variety of techniques and tips that can help attract customers to your business. In addition to storefront awnings or business canopies near New York City, you can build your social media and email communications or partner with local businesses. Let’s look at some easy ways to attract customers to your business.

    Customized awning designs can feature your business in an original and attractive way that future and returning customers will respond to. Once they enter your store, you can have them sign up for an email list. This simple feature will email them with current deals, new products, and offer birthday coupons. In addition to your awning advertisements and email lists, you can partner with local businesses to provide your services. Also, don’t forget to always highlight what makes your business original, which can also feature on your awning designs.

  • The Benefits of a Commercial Awning

    Commercial awnings can benefit your store in several ways, including lowered energy costs and custom advertising. These crucial benefits can keep your customers happy and comfortable throughout their shopping experience, and they can save you money throughout the year. Awnings are an affordable extension of your business with great benefits for your store. Continue reading for a closer look at the many benefits you will find once you install your commercial awnings in New York City . company - awning

    Built-In Advertising

    Awnings are made in a variety of colors, styles, and custom designs. With so many choices available, your business can advertise and attract customers in a number of ways. You can place awnings that match your store’s trademark colors. Your awnings can also feature your logo or store name, which will help your current and future customers locate your store. If your store utilizes bright-colored awnings or an original design, you can use this as a descriptive way to direct people to your location or to attract customers walking by.

    Increased Comfort

    By installing an awning over your windows or over your outside patios, you can increase the comfort of your employees and customers. Restaurants can keep their customers shaded from the sun, which will help keep customers cooler and away from the sun’s damaging rays. If there are no outdoor shopping or dining areas, customers will still be more comfortable because of the reduced heat gain through the windows and doors.

    Reduced Energy Costs

    Commercial awnings do more than just increase the comfort of your patrons or advertise your store; they can reduce your store’s energy costs. By shading your windows, doors, and patio areas, commercial awnings help cut down on the sun’s heat and damage to the inside of your store. Your air conditioner will not have to work as hard to keep these areas of your store cool throughout the day, which will mean reduced energy costs and minimal wear and tear on your air conditioner unit.

  • How Mapes Awnings Are Used

    When you are seeking a high quality awning that is constructed from durable and beautiful materials, you may want to check out the selection of awnings that are available from Mapes . Mapes awnings feature an aluminum design, which is suspended by heavy duty hanger rods. When you choose a Mapes awning installation in New York City, you are sure to be thrilled with the aesthetic appeal and incredible strength of your new awning installation and how it enhances your commercial space.

    There are several common uses for Mapes awnings. Mapes awnings are used by commercial businesses to frame a storefront, window, or entryway. With their sleek and streamlined appearance, Mapes awnings can also be used to decorate the front of a building. If you are in need of an awning that also provides durable weather protection, your Mapes awning will also serve your needs. With their versatile applications, Mapes awnings are ideally suited for many business and retail spaces.

    how to use mapes awnings

  • Tips for Designing a Custom Awning

    Commercial awnings are designed to provide shade and shelter around the entryways or windows of a business space. If you are in the market for new awnings for your company, you may want to enlist the services of a company that offers customized awning designs. An awning company in New York City can work closely with you to help you create a new awning that reflects the personality and style of your business. If you are gearing up for a brand new awning installation, here is a look at some tips for designing a custom awning. Tips to design custom awning

    Create your vision.

    The first step of a custom awning design project is to create your own specific vision. As you are gathering inspiration and ideas for your new awnings, you may want to look at gorgeous awnings that have been installed on businesses in the surrounding area. Providing your awning fabricator with pictures or drawings of your desired product will help you make sure that your needs are met with your custom awning design.

    Consult with a specialist.

    Awning fabrication and installation is a specialized task that requires tools and training. In order to transform your vision for a custom awning into reality, you will need to consult with an awning fabrication specialist. Using information from your photographs, sketches, or descriptions, your awning specialist will be able to design and construct a custom awning that is a beautiful addition to the exterior of your business.

    Choose durable materials.

    A final factor to consider when you are designing a custom awning for your business is the materials that you will use for your final design. Awnings can be constructed from a range of materials, including aluminum, wood, and canvas. The materials that you choose for your awning will determine the overall durability and quality of your design. A company that specializes in custom awning creations can provide you with specific information about the pros and cons of each awning material.

  • How Capitol Awning Can Help Your Film Project

    No matter the size of your film project, Capitol Awning is the company to call for any type of awning you may need. With customized awning designs serving New York City , Capitol Awning is able to address all of your awning needs in a timely and professional manner. Here is a brief look at how your film will be completed once you call Capitol Awning:

    • If you are filming a specific time period or genre that requires a specialized awning design, Capitol Awning provides AutoCAD drawings to show you what the end result will look like.
    • Whether you need a custom awning design or a generic storefront awning, Capitol Awning produces the product in state-of-the-art facilities to get your awning to you in the time you need.
    • Capitol Awning is a member of the Set Decorators Society of America, providing many types of awnings, canopies, flags, and other set decorations to the NYC area.

    Awning for film project