• The Retractable Awning Installation Process

    Having retractable awnings over your windows or restaurant patio is a great way to utilize the sun and shade whenever you need them. With retractable awnings in NYC, you can block or direct the sun’s rays into your store or restaurant depending on the placement of the sun and the time of year.

    As you can see in the short video, the installation of manual or motorized retractable awnings is not a difficult process. Your commercial awning installers will come prepared with all of the equipment and tools required to place the retractable awning. They will measure the placement, and then install a few different anchors. These anchors will be strong enough to hold the awning in place as it moves inward and outward from the building. The installers will measure to make sure the awning is correctly installed, and then you can use your retractable awning right away.

  • A Look at Your Awning Fabric Options

    When you make the choice for a new awning installation, you will be presented with a few more necessary choices. Awnings in New York City can come in several colors, designs, and materials. All of these decisions are important to providing the best type of awning to your business. Here is a brief look at the many fabric choices you will have when designing your awnings:

    • If you are worried about water damage to your awnings, then Weathertyte and Sunbrella are great fabrics that will repel water.
    • There are certain fabrics that are best for graphics and personalization. BTF and Patio 500 fabrics will easily accept hand-painted graphics and silk screenings.
    • Some fabrics are best used to resist UV degradation. Patio 500, Weathertyte, and Brite Awn are flexible sun awning fabrics that can resist all types of weather degradation.
    • There are a variety of other fabrics—Cooley Brite, AwnTex, Eradi Lite, Ferrari, Firesist, Pac-Clad, and Phifertex—that all have their attributes. Depending on your store’s need and location, your awning company can recommend the right awning fabric.

    Fabric options in Awning

  • The Benefits of Adding Umbrellas to Your Outdoor Area

    Once your store introduces sun awnings near NYC, you will notice a multitude of benefits. Awnings and umbrellas can offer your business greater energy efficiency , marketing opportunities, and happier customers. If you ever needed more proof that umbrellas in your outdoor area are a great choice, then continue reading for the ways your business will benefit. Benefits of adding umbrellas to outdoor area

    Increase your patronage.

    When customers pass by your storefront awning, they will be more likely to come inside if they see a lot of comfortable space available. They may see a cooled outside deck for eating or socializing. They may see added merchandise located on a connected patio. Customers want to see these available spaces, but if they look hot or uncomfortable, those same customers will likely keep walking past your store. You can encourage customers and increase patronage in your store by adding umbrellas and sun awnings to your outside areas.

    Keep customers happy.

    If you have an outdoor area—for dining or added merchandise—then adding umbrellas and sun awnings will encourage more customers to venture to these outside areas. Especially if it is sunny outside, many customers may not want to sit and eat or explore the merchandise located outside. They will be reluctant to leave the shelter provided by the inside of the store unless there is ample shade to keep the sun and heat off their heads and necks. Customers will be happier overall by the added options and cooling effects that your umbrellas can give them.

    Cool the inside area.

    You may think that installing awnings and umbrellas outside will only keep that area cool, but you are wrong. Umbrellas, sun awnings, and anything offering significant shade outdoors can actually help cool the inside of your store, as well. With umbrellas and awnings shading your building’s windows and outside decking, your cooling costs can reduce significantly. This added cooling will keep all of your customers, your air conditioner, and your wallet much happier.

  • Tips for Attracting New Business

    Whether your business needs an extra boost or you have plenty of customers, you should always be looking for new ways to attract business. This may include installing new storefront awnings to attract more foot traffic. No matter your marketing choices, make sure you have done your research on the best ways to build your business. From custom awnings near NYC to social media, there are many ways you can make your business more successful than ever. storefront - awning

    Know your business.

    You may think you already know your business inside and out, but there is always room to grow. To attract new customers, you need to look at all the ways your business can grow to accommodate these new customers. If you own a food franchise, then consider new foods or recipes you can try. If you own a small clothing store, then look at the different accessories you might add that will complement your clothing. Continue to learn every aspect of your business and merchandise to keep attracting new business.

    Understand your customer.

    You need to constantly be on top of your desired demographic of customers. Are you trying to attract teenagers or middle-aged men or women? Not only should you look at the gender and age of your customers, but you need to consider their various likes and dislikes. For example, teenagers may prefer brighter-colored awnings, or middle-aged men may look for earthy tones in awning design. No matter the colors, designs, or types of advertisements you choose, make sure they fit your current and future customers’ preferences.

    Decide on your marketing campaign.

    Once you figure out who your customer is, then you can decide on how best to market your business to them. Your marketing campaign may include new awnings, storefront signs, flyers, email lists, or social media advertisements. Do not limit yourself to one form of marketing. Your intended demographic may be attracted to your business in a variety of ways, so you should try to hit your customers from all marketing platforms.