A Look at Your Awning Fabric Options

Fabric Options

When you make the choice for a new awning installation, you will be presented with a few more necessary choices. Awnings in New York City can come in several colors, designs, and materials. All of these decisions are important to providing the best type of awning to your business. Here is a brief look at the many fabric choices you will have when designing your awnings:

  • If you are worried about water damage to your awnings, then Weathertyte and Sunbrella are great fabrics that will repel water.
  • There are certain fabrics that are best for graphics and personalization. BTF and Patio 500 fabrics will easily accept hand-painted graphics and silk screenings.
  • Some fabrics are best used to resist UV degradation. Patio 500, Weathertyte, and Brite Awn are flexible sun awning fabrics that can resist all types of weather degradation.
  • There are a variety of other fabrics—Cooley Brite, AwnTex, Eradi Lite, Ferrari, Firesist, Pac-Clad, and Phifertex—that all have their attributes. Depending on your store’s need and location, your awning company can recommend the right awning fabric.

Fabric options in Awning