The Retractable Awning Installation Process

A Man installing Awning

Having retractable awnings over your windows or restaurant patio is a great way to utilize the sun and shade whenever you need them. With retractable awnings in NYC, you can block or direct the sun’s rays into your store or restaurant depending on the placement of the sun and the time of year.

As you can see in the short video, the installation of manual or motorized retractable awnings is not a difficult process. Your commercial awning installers will come prepared with all of the equipment and tools required to place the retractable awning. They will measure the placement, and then install a few different anchors. These anchors will be strong enough to hold the awning in place as it moves inward and outward from the building. The installers will measure to make sure the awning is correctly installed, and then you can use your retractable awning right away.