• Our Premier Set Design Services

    Movie and film productions are a major part of NYC’s commercial industry. When you are getting ready to create a film set for a shoot in New York City, be sure to get in touch with Capitol Awning Company . Our awning company creates gorgeous canvas awnings in New York City, and we have extensive experience working with film set design crews and production teams. As members of the Set Decorator Society of America, we are fully qualified to assist you with your theater or movie set.

    Our awning company can provide you with a variety of services that will be very valuable as you are creating your set design. If you are shooting a period piece in the New York area, we can create custom awnings that match your desired time period. Along with our period-appropriate awnings, we also create three-dimensional pieces out of canvas. We will work closely with you to help you create the perfect set pieces that will set the stage for your production.

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  • Close Sales with These Color Theories

    When you are creating a front door awning for your business, you will want to make sure that your design appeals to your customers. In this video, you will learn some interesting information about color theories and their meanings for businesses. Since color can affect a customer’s mood, you will want to choose an awning color that registers positively with your clientele. A company that offers commercial awnings in New York City can help you pick out the idea shade for your awning design.

    After you have created custom awnings for your business, you may start to see more new customers walking through your door. The right awning design will send a positive message about your products and services, and could ultimately help you close more sales.

  • The Benefits of a Commercial Awning

    Commercial awnings can benefit your store in several ways, including lowered energy costs and custom advertising. These crucial benefits can keep your customers happy and comfortable throughout their shopping experience, and they can save you money throughout the year. Awnings are an affordable extension of your business with great benefits for your store. Continue reading for a closer look at the many benefits you will find once you install your commercial awnings in New York City . company - awning

    Built-In Advertising

    Awnings are made in a variety of colors, styles, and custom designs. With so many choices available, your business can advertise and attract customers in a number of ways. You can place awnings that match your store’s trademark colors. Your awnings can also feature your logo or store name, which will help your current and future customers locate your store. If your store utilizes bright-colored awnings or an original design, you can use this as a descriptive way to direct people to your location or to attract customers walking by.

    Increased Comfort

    By installing an awning over your windows or over your outside patios, you can increase the comfort of your employees and customers. Restaurants can keep their customers shaded from the sun, which will help keep customers cooler and away from the sun’s damaging rays. If there are no outdoor shopping or dining areas, customers will still be more comfortable because of the reduced heat gain through the windows and doors.

    Reduced Energy Costs

    Commercial awnings do more than just increase the comfort of your patrons or advertise your store; they can reduce your store’s energy costs. By shading your windows, doors, and patio areas, commercial awnings help cut down on the sun’s heat and damage to the inside of your store. Your air conditioner will not have to work as hard to keep these areas of your store cool throughout the day, which will mean reduced energy costs and minimal wear and tear on your air conditioner unit.

  • How Mapes Awnings Are Used

    When you are seeking a high quality awning that is constructed from durable and beautiful materials, you may want to check out the selection of awnings that are available from Mapes . Mapes awnings feature an aluminum design, which is suspended by heavy duty hanger rods. When you choose a Mapes awning installation in New York City, you are sure to be thrilled with the aesthetic appeal and incredible strength of your new awning installation and how it enhances your commercial space.

    There are several common uses for Mapes awnings. Mapes awnings are used by commercial businesses to frame a storefront, window, or entryway. With their sleek and streamlined appearance, Mapes awnings can also be used to decorate the front of a building. If you are in need of an awning that also provides durable weather protection, your Mapes awning will also serve your needs. With their versatile applications, Mapes awnings are ideally suited for many business and retail spaces.

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  • Why Install an Awning on an Apartment Building?

    When you are constructing or renovating a new apartment building, you will want to make sure that the front of your building is appealing to potential tenants. One great way to add appeal to your apartment building, while also offering protection from the elements, is to install a new awning. With help from a company that specializes in awnings near New York City , you will be able to create a custom awning design that is tailored to the style of your urban apartment building. Here is a look at three great reasons to install an awning on an apartment building. Install awning on apartment building in New York City

    Improve Curb Appeal

    In order to help ensure that all of the units in your apartment building are occupied, you will want to make sure that your apartment’s front entrance has terrific curb appeal. Installing an awning is a great way to improve the curb appeal of your apartment building. A new awning will make the front entryway of your apartments much more inviting to both current and prospective tenants.

    Provide Shade and Weather Protection

    In New York City, many apartment buildings have doormen on staff. With a new awning installation, you can ensure that your doorman does not have to wait outside in the elements. As you are creating your awning design, you will want to plan a doorway covering that offers great protection from sun, rain, and even snow. Your awning can also protect your tenants when they are entering the building or waiting for a taxi cab.

    Advertise Your Apartments

    An awning is also a terrific spot to advertise the name and address of your apartments. If your apartment complex has a name, you can ask your awning company to print your logo design on the front or sides of your awning. When people pass your building on the street, a clearly displayed name will provide you with advertising for your apartments. You can also print additional information on your awning, such as the number of your rental agency.

  • The Benefits of Adding Umbrellas to Your Outdoor Area

    Once your store introduces sun awnings near NYC, you will notice a multitude of benefits. Awnings and umbrellas can offer your business greater energy efficiency , marketing opportunities, and happier customers. If you ever needed more proof that umbrellas in your outdoor area are a great choice, then continue reading for the ways your business will benefit. Benefits of adding umbrellas to outdoor area

    Increase your patronage.

    When customers pass by your storefront awning, they will be more likely to come inside if they see a lot of comfortable space available. They may see a cooled outside deck for eating or socializing. They may see added merchandise located on a connected patio. Customers want to see these available spaces, but if they look hot or uncomfortable, those same customers will likely keep walking past your store. You can encourage customers and increase patronage in your store by adding umbrellas and sun awnings to your outside areas.

    Keep customers happy.

    If you have an outdoor area—for dining or added merchandise—then adding umbrellas and sun awnings will encourage more customers to venture to these outside areas. Especially if it is sunny outside, many customers may not want to sit and eat or explore the merchandise located outside. They will be reluctant to leave the shelter provided by the inside of the store unless there is ample shade to keep the sun and heat off their heads and necks. Customers will be happier overall by the added options and cooling effects that your umbrellas can give them.

    Cool the inside area.

    You may think that installing awnings and umbrellas outside will only keep that area cool, but you are wrong. Umbrellas, sun awnings, and anything offering significant shade outdoors can actually help cool the inside of your store, as well. With umbrellas and awnings shading your building’s windows and outside decking, your cooling costs can reduce significantly. This added cooling will keep all of your customers, your air conditioner, and your wallet much happier.

  • Dressing Up Your Commercial Windows

    Your brick and mortar building should be as appealing as possible in order to attract more customers, so consider dressing up your windows . Business window designs and commercial awnings near NYC can both improve the curb appeal of your building and entice patrons to see what your store is all about. Adding aesthetic flair to your windows can yield substantial results, but you should have a clear goal in mind and understand how to execute it. Keep reading for tips on dressing up your commercial windows.

    Window graphics and awnings are two excellent options when it comes to dressing up your business windows. Window graphics can be great for advertising your brand or brands that you carry in your store without impeding passersby’s vision as they look through your windows; the more traffic that passes by your storefront, the more effective the advertising can be. Awnings can also be used for advertising, but they come with a multitude of other benefits as well. An awning will represent your business and potentially attract customers from across the street, and it will also help you foster a comfortable and attractive environment; this is particularly effective on hot days when people are looking for reprieve. Dress up commercial windows

  • Refreshing the Look of a Medical Center

    Aesthetics are important in every industry, and the medical field is included . Medical centers in particular can also benefit from awnings in New York City. A commercial awning can help to create a welcoming environment for patients, visitors, and staff alike. It can also help represent the medical center’s brand as well as unify the design across the campus. If you think your workplace could use a new and improved look, continue reading to find out how you can refresh the look of a medical center. Refresh look of medical center

    Create a warm environment.

    When you arrive at a medical center as a patient or a guest, you might have some nerves that could use settling. A nice looking commercial design can help ease the tension and make you feel welcome, which is especially important in this type of situation. Awnings help to create such an environment in a few different ways. Clean awnings that are well-designed and well-kept can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of any medical center, and they can also serve practical purposes. Waiting under the hot sun can add unnecessary stress and discomfort. One of the main purposes of commercial awnings is to shield people from the sun and allow them to wait in comfort.

    Represent your brand and location.

    People might visit the medical center for countless different reasons and conditions, and some of them might be disoriented as a result of their particular issue. Seeing a familiar color scheme or logo can help these people remember exactly where they are, which can be helpful in emergency situations. Commercial awnings designed to represent your medical brand can also stand out to those driving by, making it easier for people to find the medical center if they are unfamiliar with the area.

    Tie together your design.

    Many medical centers are comprised of several different buildings spread out across a large piece of property, and it can sometimes be difficult to tell which buildings are associated with the facility. When you see the same type of awning on each building, however, you can tell what buildings are part of the medical center.

  • The Benefits of Outdoor Awnings

    Have you been considering your options for how to drive more traffic to your business? Do you want to invest your hard-earned money in something that is both functional and aesthetically appealing? If so, it’s time to consider installing an outdoor awning in New York City .

    Outdoor awnings offer many benefits for your business. An awning gives you an additional space to advertise and reinforce your brand when you use the same colors and logo you do for your other marketing materials. You can attract more customers by having an awning, as it makes your business stand out from others that do not. If you serve food or drinks at your business, an awning may allow you to extend your seating area into the outdoors while shielding your customers from sun and rain. Retail operations may also use an awning to protect merchandise from fading in the sun, and to cover products while having an outdoor sale. With so many functions in one, it only makes sense to boost your business with an awning.

    Benefits of outdoor awnings

  • How to Choose a Commercial Awning Company

    Running a business is no easy task, and it takes hard work to make your venture successful. If you’re like many business owners, you are looking for ways to attract new customers and encourage previous customers to return. A company that specializes in commercial awnings in New York City can help you do just that by making your business more visible and increasing the usability of your space. Not all companies that make commercial awnings are the same, however, so it is essential to choose one that you can trust. Keep reading to learn how to pick a commercial awning company that can help you achieve your goals.

    Commercial awning company in New york City

    Consider Experience

    Designing, installing, and maintaining a commercial awning can be a complicated process, and any errors along the way can mean that your awning is unattractive or even downright unsafe. That’s why it’s important to choose a commercial awning company with plenty of experience. A great awning company will improve the look of your storefront and do everything they can to increase your business. Choose a company with a proven track record of excellence, and don’t forget to inquire about seeing a portfolio with examples of their work. You can see what the final products look like and start to envision how you want your awning to look.

    Learn About Service

    When you are in charge of a business, you have many tasks to attend to on a daily basis. Chances are, you work with many different vendors who you depend on to provide you with quality supplies and service. You should be able to rely on your awning company to give you an excellent product, along with open communication during the process. Find out if your awning company does the work in-house, or relies on a third party to complete the project. By having all of the work done in-house, you won’t have to wait for communication, and any mistakes or issues can be addressed more efficiently.