A Look at Printed Shade Screens

The outer look of elements Massage

If you need to control the sunlight streaming into your business, you don’t have to settle for boring blinds. Printed shade screens offer an opportunity to inject style while marketing your services. Much like branded custom awnings near NYC improve your doorways, printed shade screens offer your business both form and function.

Custom printed shade screens are available as both roller shades and window films. They filter harmful UV rays and associated heat, which helps to reduce your energy usage. If you are seeking LEED certification, printed window shades may help you satisfy some of the requirements.

Custom shade screens also offer an ideal marketing opportunity. Customers inside can look out of the shades, but from the outside, people walking by see any image you choose. Pick colors that integrate with your brand and awning and have your logo or another image digitally printed on the shade to attract more customers into your business with your awning design. Blending your custom outdoor awnings and your shades help to establish your brand identify while providing the interior functionality you need. Printed shades screens in New York City