Advantages of Printed Shade Screens

Printed Shade Screens

Much like awnings, a printed shade screen can do so much for your New York City business and the comfort of your customers. Printed shade screens come in the form of roller shades or window films located on the inside of your establishment . The difference between a typical roller shade and your printed shade screens, though, is that your printed screen can provide so much more.

Printed shade screens are easily customizable to look however you desire. They can advertise your business name, logo, hours, or permanent specials. Shade screens can even come in various colors and designs to further attract customers to your business. However, the exceptional benefits of a printed shade screen come from its one-way vision and UV light protection. Shade screens are made in a way that customers can only view beyond the screen when they look from inside. No one can see inside from the outside of your store. Your customers will feel more comfortable as the sun’s rays are blocked, and they can enjoy their view outside. Your business can also reap the benefits of lower energy and cooling costs.

Printed shade screens in New York City