How To Create Shade With Commercial Awnings

Commercial awnings not only create shade for virtually any purpose, they draw attention to your place of business. Done right, commercial awnings can give you the shade you want and need when it’s hot, but they can do double-duty in other seasons, too. Depending on your type of business, they can expand your sales area or selling season, helping you generate more revenue.

But it all starts with shade.

Shade your sidewalk or boardwalk.

Permanently installed commercial awnings can “shade” pedestrians from rain and snow, as well as the hot sun. They can be made of fabric stretched over metal framing – in traditional or unusual shapes. Or, for some purposes, commercial awnings can be made entirely of metal. That can be a lovely treatment for streetside frontage or to highlight your entrance.

Commercial awnings shade all types of outdoor activities.

You can use commercial awnings to shade walkways, but they’re so versatile you can use them to shade any area people congregate outside. They’re perfectly at home whether your business is retail, food and beverage, a school, an office complex or you operate a condo association or country club. Or a performing arts center.

Commercial awnings can be virtually any size. Use them to shade seating or entertaining areas. To spruce up a patio. Or create a protected play area for kids. Provide shade beside the pool or overlooking the golf course or tennis courts.

Add walls with barely-visible screening that keeps insects out and provides light shelter from breezes off the water or afternoon showers without obstructing the view. Walls can roll up and down or slide to the side like draperies. Short portable wall sections or planters keep people gently confined – for instance, if you’re required to separate alcohol service areas – without separating families. Parents can sit in the shade and still keep an eye on the kids.

Commercial awnings can be permanently installed or seasonally retractable. You can make optimum use of your outdoor space by combining the two, using a retractable extension to expand coverage when you need it and rolling it out of the way when you don’t.

Commercial awnings offer shade with style.

Traditional awnings are perennially popular, because they’re so useful. Free-standing canopy tents and umbrellas have great appeal, too. But more and more businesses or all types are showing off their individual character with commercial awnings that have interesting shapes. Maybe your space lend itself to something entirely different.

A lovely pergola can enhance existing landscaping or create a romantic “garden” atmosphere right in the heart of the city, with climbing vines and colorful, fragrant flowers and leafy cover that provides a softly dappled shade.

An ethereal tension structure is entirely different. Create a tiny shade accent with a small sail, or cover a great expanse with far less visually bulky support structure than traditional commercial awnings require. Tension structures are a tremendous focal point because they’re so eye-catching, with their irregular geometric shapes. And they’re especially beautiful at night when lit from underneath.

Well-designed commercial awnings can convert your outdoor space from daytime eating or play areas to an evening concert venue.

Detailing adds shades of interest.

Commercial awnings may work hard, but they don’t have to be all business. Dress them up with fancy finials of wood or stainless steel or copper. Or design yours with intricate wrought iron framing like the famous Ruth’s Chris steak houses. Or use a valance to add a nice finishing touch – you’ll also get more territory to display your name, along the front and sides of your awning.

The more you think about it, the more ways you’ll find to create shade around your place with commercial awnings. But don’t think too long . . . summer is almost here and you’ll be needing that shade.

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Photo Credit:  lezumbalaberenjena  via Flickr