6 Benefits Of An Enclosed Canopy Architecture

When we think “canopy,” most of us probably picture an awning-style structure, with a roof but no sides. But what if you want sidewalls as well as a roof? What if you need them? An enclosed canopy can extend the value and usefulness of your shade structure in several ways.

Consider the fact that it can provide more extensive shelter. Or the fact it can entirely transform the look and feel of virtually any outdoor space. An enclosed canopy can be portable, or it can become a permanent addition to your business or backyard landscape. Maybe it’s the right solution for you.

Here are six reasons you might want to think “enclosed canopy” instead of a traditional awning:

1. An enclosed canopy eliminates wind.

A gentle breeze can feel refreshing on a hot summer day, even if you’re sitting in the shade. But anything stronger than that is annoying and cuts into your outdoor enjoyment. It’s hard to relax when you’re chasing down the menu, your napkin or something you’re trying to read.

2. An enclosed canopy helps you stay dry.

A roof over your head is great for sun shade. But if it’s sprinkling – or the predictable summer afternoon thundershower is beating down – you can still get wet. Not with an enclosed canopy, though.

3. An enclosed canopy keeps pesky bugs at bay.

Insects love summer as much as we do. But we don’t love them. Whether it’s flies, mosquitoes, yellowjackets or some other buggy population, an enclosed canopy with screens keeps them in their place – away from you. Bugs can be a particularly irritating problem if you’re located near water or a wooded area, but an enclosed canopy with screens ensures your view is unobstructed.

5. An enclosed canopy is warmer.

That means you can get more use from your canopy, in the early spring or late fall – or even year-round, if you add some outdoor space heaters. If you plan to use your enclosed canopy for a revenue-generating reason – restaurant seating, for instance – increasing its usefulness increases your bottom line. That’s a tasty benefit indeed.

6. An enclosed canopy ensures better separation for parties and other special events.

Whether it’s a big wedding, a business meeting or an intimate family dinner, your guests don’t want to share their experience with people they didn’t invite. An enclosed canopy gives them complete privacy. And it dresses up the scene as invited guests approach the party, too. You can offer the same ambiance as people would enjoy in a ballroom or other interior space, but still capture that special outdoor flavor.

Put your enclosed canopy on the lawn, and it acquires a naturally soft, grassy floor. Or you can put down a temporary floor for dancing or other activities.

You can enhance an enclosed canopy with a variety of options.

It’s wonderfully convertible. Side curtains can be opaque, or they can have clear windows or screens to retain lovely exterior views. Side walls that roll up or pull to the corners allow for quick-change – either to accommodate last-minute changes in the weather or to close up the canopy overnight when items will be stored inside.

So an enclosed canopy ensures you’re covered, even last-minute, ready for the unexpected, whether that’s a reversal in the weather, a sudden wind, or a new hatch of bugs. Your canopy is fully prepared to protect people and anything else underneath, such as furniture, food and beverage set-ups, performance or play areas.

A canopy of any size lends beautifully itself to enclosure. Something small and cozy for your backyard. Something larger to accommodate outdoor restaurant seating. Or something of significant size to create an attractive party space at your country club, sports center or school.

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Photo Credit:    rosmary  via Flickr