What Can Digital Printing Do For Your Awning?

The real question is what can’t digital printing do for your awning ? Since the advent of wide format digital printing several years ago, the technique has really come into its own. No longer used only to print banners or posters, digital printing is now a popular choice for producing fabrics and flexible films that need to look perfect. An awning, for instance.

What’s so great about digital printing?
Since you can print on paper or film as well as fabric, it’s like using a huge version of your office printer. Except, of course, you can do far more – and something far more interesting – with your awning than you can do with a piece of paper. In fact, you can create something that’s truly spectacular.

Your awning can be strictly your own design, because digital printing offers absolute customization. You can literally put any graphics anywhere. No longer is your creativity hampered by the various inherent limitations of silk screening, hand painting, cut-outs, heat transfer or pressure-sensitive methods of applying graphics to an awning.

And you’re no longer limited to standard fabric colors for your awning. The sky’s the limit – or any other shade of blue — when it comes to color. Or maybe you’d prefer the moon and some stars. You can have those, too, or any other pattern you want. And with any-graphics-anywhere capability, digital printing gives you total control over placement as well.

You get the ultimate in versatility because your entire image is computer-generated. Then it’s printed using the very latest high-tech equipment and specialized inks. It’s an ideal collaboration of human imagination and machine-produced perfection. So when it comes to reproduction, you get exactly the results you want, as many times as you want.

Yet because digital printing is actually a simpler production process, your awning may actually cost less.

Using digital printing, your awning will simply look better.
You probably know that your awning can be virtually any shape or size you want. It just depends on the size of your building or façade, and what you want to accomplish. But good looks are always an important goal. Older techniques such as cut-outs limited the size, shape and amount of detail you could reasonably expect.

Not with digital printing. Images can be any size, from petite to expansive, thanks to the wide format. And they just look better — crisp, smooth, seamless. You never have to worry about work that looks unfocused or vaguely “fuzzy.” Or weird shadows that can appear around the edges of cut-out graphics. You can avoid the amateurish look of “stick-on letters” or hand painting that isn’t quite up to par.

And you never get mistakes or variations, whether you’re producing one awning or 50 new ones for your stores nationwide

Your awning speaks volumes about you and your business.
It’s one of your strongest marketing tools, promoting your place 24/7, so of course you want to send the right message. Using digital printing gives your awning a “finished” appearance that says you’re a quality business. The higher quality of your awning might be subtle to viewers, but the impact will be unmistakable.

Under the watchful eye and skilled hands of an experienced awning professional, your awning can become anything you want. Digital printing loves a good challenge, so bring on your complex logo, intricate fonts, special effects. You’ll get gorgeous results, reliable consistency and faster turnaround, so you and everyone else can start admiring your new awning sooner.

And one more thing. Digital printing is affordable. Just because it offers far more options and better results doesn’t mean you have to pay more for your awning. That’s superior value.