How Can I Place A Logo On My Awning?

It makes perfect sense to put your logo on your awning . After all, your awning serves as a location-finder for people who want to do business with you. But it also introduces you to people who don’t yet buy from you. And using your logo can look much more intriguing than simply spelling out your name.

There are many ways to place your logo on an awning. It can be tiny and discreet, but why would you want to do that? Your logo is your visual brand. It’s part of your business persona, so the more often people see it, the more of a household name you can become. Or remain. You want to place your logo so you make the most of your awning’s available space.

That doesn’t mean your logo has to completely cover your awning, although you could choose to do that.

Your decision about size and placement will depend on how you plan to apply the logo.
Most traditional methods of adding graphics — pressure-sensitive or thermal-adhesive film, or silk-screening – aren’t conducive to large-scale artwork, because you’re limited by the size of available materials and production capability. Silk-screening inks offer a much broader range of color customization than pre-dyed fabrics or films but can’t capture delicate artwork very well.

So these options can be a great choice if your logo isn’t too finely detailed or you don’t want it to be very big. But what if your want something huge? What if your logo is frilly or has a lot of “shoulder to shoulder” color changes that require perfect registration?

Hand painting your logo onto your awning will give it a one-of-a-kind look that can be quite striking. But painting has limitations, too. It’s very time-consuming, and by its very nature it’s not a good choice if you need to produce several identical awnings.

Digital printing offers maximum versatility.
This high-tech, affordable method lets you put any image anywhere on your awning – top, sides, front, all over. Now your awning is the perfect home for your logo. Digital printing gives you a full range of options. You can get exact color match, every time. You can get exact registration. You can exactly replicate your awning, any number of times.

Your logo and awning can be understated, like Ruth’s Chris, with elegant metal framework details. Or eye-catchingly amusing like Dunkin Donuts, with their larger-than-life donuts slipping over the awning’s edge. You can make a big splash with bright colors or a snappy all-over pattern, or custom-match your official corporate color to create just the right background shade to make your logo really pop.

Combine your logo with other graphics. If Dunkin Donuts can have gigantic donuts and a cup of coffee that makes the “big gulp” look like a sip, you can use photos or artistic renderings to depict your products and services. Do a montage. Whatever design you dream up to surround your logo, it can be reproduced with digital printing.

Put your logo on the front and on the sides, so it’s visible from any direction. Use it once — large on your entrance awning – or repeat it in smaller size along a series of individual window awnings. You can even design your awning to highlight your logo. Is it round? Make your awning round, too. Is your logo a long name? Spell it out along your awning’s valance.

Incorporating your logo into your awning adds stature to any business. Using digital printing to place your logo gives your awning a polished look. If you own a small coffee shop, your place will look more professional and more inviting. If you’re a national corporation with many locations, or a franchise, you can be assured every awning will be identical, down to the tiniest detail, if you choose digital printing.

How will you place your logo on your awning?

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