Digital Printing On Awnings: Can You Recreate Images And Logos?

 Digital printing on awnings   gives you “any image, anywhere” flexibility. You can recreate virtually any image or logo you can think up or draw, by hand or with computer-assisted design software. Including photos.

You can’t beat that.

The way it used to be – before digital printing on awnings.
Back in the old days, business owners had to resort to hand painting of signs, including anything they wanted on their awning. Good hand work can be beautiful and artistic, but it definitely has its limitations. Newer methods such as pressure-sensitive cut-outs or silk-screening have many positive attributes, but still restrict your ability to replicate complex designs.

Thankfully, gone are the days when you had to leave your logo off your awning, or create some “dumbed down” version with less detail so it would look decent when you reproduced it in a large size. Digital printing on awnings means never having to say “no” to creative design, no matter how intricate.

Digital printing on awnings puts you in control.
Awning fabrics come in quite a few colors. But what if you want something entirely different? With digital printing on awnings, you can entirely customize colors, for the background as well as graphics. Things you couldn’t even attempt in the past with previously-available techniques now within easy reach.

Choose any color or shade in the spectrum – the simplicity of a single all-over color, a range of subtle hues, or wild brights. Or print stripes, or feathers. Leopard or camo. Add your logo, magnifying it until it’s can’t miss huge. Thanks to digital printing on awnings, it will look perfect, whether it’s simple and bold or features delicately filigreed font.

Add photos or other detailed images to cover your entire awning. Print words and graphics on your awning’s valence. No part of your awning is out of reach. No detail can outsmart digital printing on awnings.

Whatever you print, it’s always an exact match. Your logo is always just right. Photos are always true to life. Digital printing on awnings lets you achieve any look you want, from straight-forward to off-the wall. Show your food, your gear, your people. Use a single image, or create a montage that includes photos, your logo and words.

With digital printing on awnings, your entire canopy is your canvas.
You can print anything, any size, anywhere, thanks to very wide format equipment and materials. You can print directly on fabric or onto pressure-sensitive or thermal adhesive that can be applied to your awning’s surface. Whatever your awning’s shape – softly rounded, sharp corners, weird angles — you can achieve exactly the look you want, on the front, top, sides or a complete wraparound.

Digital printing on awnings is just the beginning.
Awnings do more than decorate your building’s exterior and keep rain, snow or hot sun off pedestrians. They’re one of your strongest marketing tools. The designs you create for digital printing on awnings can be exactly duplicated on nearly all your other marketing items, too, including your vehicles. Everything will be more interesting, eye-catching, and always consistent.

That reinforces your branding.
Digital printing on awnings lets you be entirely you. Dunkin Donuts depicts giant donuts oozing deliciously over the edge of their canopy toward their entrance. One New York City hotel decorated their entire façade over the year-end holidays to look like a giant package, and used digital printing on awnings to make them look like presents. Amazing.

If you can dream it up, the right awning company can turn your vision into reality. And they’ll be happy to show you renderings before you finalize your decisions, so you can see exactly what your logo or other images will look like right in place.

Hmmmm . . . digital printing on awnings . . . kind of gets you thinking, doesn’t it?

Photo Credit: ishane via Flickr