What Penthouse Awnings Are Trending This Spring

As Huey Lewis once sang, it’s hip to be cool. When you make the decision to add penthouse awnings to your outdoor living area, you can be cool in every sense of the word.

Penthouse awnings are versatile. They’re good looking, eminently practical, and highly customizable. They add shade, of course. But awnings are becoming increasingly popular in urban settings because they provide a visually softer contrast to the city’s hard surfaces. You can achieve that softness for penthouse awnings by using traditional fabric coverings, or you can be a trend-setter, building a pergola with a leafy living “roof.”

Penthouse awnings make outdoor space more flexible.

Smart home and business owners have been using awnings for decades, and we’ve seen a real resurgence in recent years. That makes penthouse awnings a trend in themselves.

Few things are more inviting than shade when it’s hot. But penthouse awnings can extend the usefulness of your patio or terrace year round. If they’re permanently installed, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor area when the weather cools, comfortably protected from the rain or even snow.

It’s easy to integrate awnings with your penthouse exterior.

Penthouse awnings can be virtually any size or style, designed to provide maximum shade without obscuring your beautiful view — of the City, the rolling landscape, the beach or the sky above. They can be attached to your exterior wall, or they can be free-standing.

Umbrellas are quick to put up and take down and they’re easy to move around. Sails, or tension structures, are eye-catching and lightweight. And you aren’t limited to traditional rectangular or square shapes, so you can be extra-cool with penthouse awnings in triangle, rhomboid or entirely asymmetrical shapes.

Ready to become cool, just in time for summer? Here’s what’s hot with penthouse awnings this spring.

Better-than-ever fabrics.

Recyclable fabrics are appearing on the market. And fabrics that last longer. Industry-watchers predict that one of these days we may see fabrics that last as long as 15-20 years. Not quite yet, but you should still expect several good years from penthouse awnings, especially if you care for your them as lovingly as you care for the rest of your home.

Natural fiber fabrics are new, too. Not just hemp and bamboo, but coconut shell and corn. Really.

“Green” is in, and hotter than ever.

Penthouse awnings conserve energy. In fact, LEED certification standards specifically note the environmental benefits of shade — penthouse awnings that serve as overhangs or broader canopies actually help offset your carbon footprint. And of course using your air conditioning less frequently saves money, too. You can be doubly green. Doubly cool.

Individual window awnings are very trendy – stylish and practical. They help keep windows cleaner and reduce salt damage if you’re near the coast. They’re especially valuable for south or west-facing windows that get the hottest sun.

You may even see flexible solar panels that can be incorporated into umbrellas, cabanas or other tent-style canopy designs.

Retractable penthouse awnings are always in style.

Motorized controls conserve your personal energy, with new high-tech features and remote controls that use the latest wireless radio communication to “talk” to your awning. You can get sun sensors or motion sensors that open the awning just when it’s needed. Or you can use an automatic timer.

Retractables are risky when it’s windy, though, so you’ll also want an anemometer-based control that detects when it’s becoming too breezy and automatically retracts your awning. Now that’s cool.

Therapeutic gardens.

The therapeutic power of gardens to heal, restore and rehabilitate are well-known. But who says they have to be limited to Central Park or some other public facility? Penthouse awnings can help you create your own therapeutic green space right at home. Work your garden or just sit back (in the shade, of course) and enjoy the beauty of it.

Who knew penthouse awnings could do all that?

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Photo Credit:  Elizabeth/Table4Five  Via Flickr