3 Reasons You Should Install Penthouse Awnings

The more you look up, the more you’ll notice penthouse awnings. They’re coming into their own, because they’re so versatile. Not just trendy, but utterly useful. The more you learn about penthouse awnings, the more you’ll want some of your own.

First, make sure you know the rules. Your building or local codes may set some parameters on penthouse awnings. Understand you may have some wind-related limitations, too. But these aren’t insurmountable problems. You can actually have nearly anything you can dream up.

Make friends with your local awning company – one that has a great reputation and understands how to make the most of your individual situation. They’ll give you valuable advice, and explain why installing penthouse awnings is such a smart investment. Here are three reasons to consider:

Reason #1: Penthouse awnings are functional.

Does your penthouse have a terrace? Penthouse awnings extend the usability of your outdoor space. They add shade to keep you cooler when it’s hot in the summer, and they can make your terrace more comfortable – more appealing — earlier in spring and later into the fall, even all year round. They make your terrace an irresistibly alluring living space, not just another nice amenity.

No patio or deck? No worries. Putting penthouse awnings on each window can give you a lot of advantages, even if you can’t sit underneath them. All awnings help cut the sun’s brilliant glare, and they can do it without cutting into your view. They help eliminate damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet light, too. Protecting indoor or outdoor furnishings and upholstery, carpet and draperies keeps them looking good longer.

Penthouse awnings keep your indoor space cooler without running your air conditioning so often. You’ll save energy and save on your energy bill, too. They help reduce build-up of dirt, urban grime and coastal saltiness on your windows. And in inclement weather, they can protect you and your windows from rain and snow.

Reason #2: Penthouse awnings are aesthetically pleasing.

Yes, indeed. They’re handsome any way you design them, whether they’re permanently installed or something you just use seasonally. They can reflect the architectural style of your building. Your building doesn’t have any “style”? Penthouse awnings can fix that in a heartbeat. Set a new tone. And set your penthouse apart from the one across the street.

You have lots of choices, from the traditional sloped awning shape to a tent-style canopy or umbrella. Be adventurous, with a tension structure, also fittingly called a sail. Use them in combination, if your space allows that.

They can be large or small, to cover anything from a single lounge chair to a children’s wading pool, a rooftop garden to a few potted plants. And speaking of plants, what about a pergola? These living penthouse awnings provide a leafy roof, a place for flowering vines to grow, and a lovely structural shape even in the dead of winter.

There’s a multitude of fabric options, including specialty fabrics with near-100% UV resistance or translucent solar panels that let more light shine through. Fabrics with a different color on the underside. You’ll find a full rainbow of colors, and you’re not stuck with solids or stripes. With digital printing, you can have plaid, or paisley, or a perfect match to the fabric on your outdoor cushions. Or penthouse awnings that sport your family crest.

Reason #3: Penthouse awnings can increase your property value.

Not that your penthouse doesn’t automatically have extra intrinsic value – after all, it is on the top of the building — but adding penthouse awnings takes things to an entirely new level. So to speak. They can increase the financial value of your penthouse, and even if you never want to sell, you’ve made an investment you can enjoy – visually and functionally — year after year after year.

Awnings make your penthouse complete.

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Photo Credit: poolie via Flickr