Hospital Awnings Made Easy

Leading edge hospitals know that treating patients today goes far beyond medicine. You have to think of patients as customers, recognizing they have a choice where they get their health care. And that means you have to deliver a comprehensively positive customer experience if you expect your hospital to grow. Hospital awnings are “just what the doctor ordered” to boost every patient’s experience.

Whether you’re responsible for operating a single independent hospital or a large network of health care facilities in New York or the surrounding region, you face two major challenges:

  1. You’ve probably received a mandate from the higher-ups to “implement hospital awnings.” But you’re already busy with other responsibilities. Furthermore, you are not a hospital awnings expert and don’t have time or the inclination to become one. But the buck, as they say, stops with you.
  2. You have to come through, and in a big way. You not only need hospital awnings, you need something that will make your facility (or multiple facilities) look great. Do that, and you’ll be a hero.

Great news: it’s easy!

You simply need to team up with the right commercial awnings professional — someone who will have your back every step of the way. Whether your mandate to “do something” about hospital awnings came in the form of detailed specifications or a vague memo, your awning pro will have the specific knowledge and experience to bring your project to fruition. Easily.


They know structural engineering as well as graphic design. They can help you with everything from shop drawings to choosing the right fabric, state-of-the-art production and installation that won’t let you down. You’ll be in the loop every step of the way, but you won’t have to manage the project yourself.

They will review your plans to ensure you’ve considered every opportunity to benefit from your hospital awnings project. Or they’ll help you start from scratch to explore your options and make sound choices.

Obviously, you want to cover walkways so patients and visitors can get from their car or the bus inside your building without getting soaked or trudging through snow. And speaking of snow, it’s a good idea to create entryway awnings or enclosures that keep snow outdoors where it belongs. You also need to provide cover for ambulances to park under.

But the hospital awnings and canopies you install for coverage can also carry graphics that make it easier to identify your hospital and specific buildings, reinforce your branding and generally promote your facility 24/7. The more functions your awnings perform, the greater return on investment you will see. Your CFO will like that.

Your entire facility will look better – more attractive and welcoming. Consistent from one location to another. Everybody will like that.

And that’s just the beginning. Hospital awnings can help improve customer experience in other ways. Your expert partner may suggest free-standing canopies or tensioned structures to provide shady outdoor space for seasonal eating, seating, special events or quiet contemplation.

They will surely suggest you consider awnings for your windows as well as walkways and entrances. Aside from the aesthetic improvement, window awnings can significantly reduce the need for air conditioning during the summer, saving your hospital money year in and year out. Your CFO will really like that.

Hospital awnings are not only easy, they build your reputation for quality and they help ensure you will receive maximum Medicare reimbursement — get back that 1% you may have lost due to less-than-stellar patient survey responses, or ensure you retain your high satisfaction record.

Choosing the right working partner will improve your own experience, too. You’ll save time and frustration. You’ll get exceptional hospital awnings, on time and on budget, no matter how complex the project may seem at the outset. All that can bring a healthy glow to your bottom line. Easily.

Medical Awning Brochure by Commercial Awning Company