What is the Time Frame for Building an Architectural Canopy

If you’re planning to add an architectural canopy to your home or business, naturally you want to know how long it will take. Especially for businesses, timing can be critical. You’ll find that awning companies can be all over the map – or perhaps we should say calendar – when it comes to telling you how much time they need to create your architectural canopy.

As with any industry, awning companies represent a range of sizes and abilities. Some tend to get backed up seasonally, because they don’t have enough production capacity to handle year round fluctuations. Or they aren’t able to maintain a broad inventory of fabrics, etc. and have to wait on materials before completing your project.

It should take just a few short weeks. But there are several factors that affect the time frame for building an architectural canopy.

It depends on how much time you spend investigating your options.

This could easily be the longest part of your architectural canopy journey, because there are so many details to consider. This initial “discovery” phase is also in many ways the most important part of planning and building your architectural canopy, because you won’t get what you want – or need – without investing time up front. Smart business owners know that solid due diligence generates the best results.

Besides, if you don’t explore all your options, how will you even know what’s available? You’ll be surprised what you can do with an architectural canopy, both aesthetically and functionally.

What do you want your architectural canopy to do? Provide shade or protection from inclement weather? Serve as primary or additional signage to advertise your business? Enhance your exterior, or highlight your entrance? You can have it all, you know.

How do you want your architectural canopy to look? You can construct something that’s all-metal, sturdy looking and huge enough to be seen from far across a parking lot, or you can design awnings and canopies that have an almost ethereal appearance. You can choose traditional shapes or something geometrically unique, simple colors or an all-over graphic design that’s also uniquely yours.

A top-quality awning company will happily spend as much time with you as you like, explaining the pros and cons of each option and helping you plan exactly the right architectural canopy.

It depends on the complexity of the architectural canopy design you choose.

Obviously, one simple awning that will shade a small window or decorate your doorway won’t take as long to produce as an entire set of unusually shaped or graphically complicated canopies. If you choose to add special detailing – perhaps a custom-made wrought iron frame or some pretty copper finials – that may take a bit more time.

Don’t forget to factor in installation.

Just completing the manufacturing phase of your architectural canopy isn’t the final step. You still need to install it, and this last act is crucial to ensure your canopy has a safe, long life. A top-quality company will ensure their installation crew is ready when your canopy is ready for them. Their crews are highly-trained professionals, so the job will go quickly and smoothly and you can be confident in the results.

You have some scheduling to do, too.

While your architectural canopy is in production, you need to be planning your official grand opening celebration. Or why not throw an informal pre-grand-opening “canopy raising” party to welcome your new canopy.

If you choose the right awning company, you won’t have to worry about whether they can meet your schedule. So as you check their references, be sure to ask past customers whether they received their architectural canopy within the time frame promised.

It’s never too soon to start working with your awning professionals, so you’ll have plenty of time to comfortably contemplate your options, design the perfect architectural canopy and watch the installation – all on schedule.

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Photo Credit: Candie_N (Welcome Spring) via Flickr