Adding A Restaurant Pergola To Enhance Your Outdoor Dining Area

Good news, restaurateurs! Spring will be here soon. Really. The Winter That Never Ends will, in fact, melt into spring and then summer, bringing warm sunny days. And some very hot sunny days, which is why you need a restaurant pergola .

You’re probably already familiar with all the benefits of adding an awning to your restaurant to create an inviting outdoor dining area. But you may not have considered a pergola instead. We’re talking about a handsome structure – usually constructed of wood — that can add an entirely new dimension to your outdoor seating. A restaurant pergola can be free-standing or attached as an extension of your exterior wall.

Unlike an awning, which offers continuous overhead coverage typically designed to block the sun entirely, a restaurant pergola provides filtered shade. Diners can be significantly cooler and more comfortable than sitting in the bright sunlight, yet your dining area retains light and airy feeling.

What’s so great about a restaurant pergola?
If you’ve been looking for a new look– something to give your restaurant a lift this year – a pergola is an ideal solution. Pergolas are great looking and practical, too. Check out all these benefits:

  • You get pleasantly dappled shade and reduced heat from neighboring hard surfaces such as concrete or masonry building walls, your patio or the sidewalk.
  • It’s a comfortable, outdoorsy atmosphere.
  • You can add a short fence around the edge for definition, or lattice side walls to block an unattractive
  • A restaurant pergola is entirely customizable to fit your space, yet it’s very affordable.
  • It’s super-sturdy, so it can stand up to off-season high winds or other weather issues and you’ll have no worries about rain run-off or snow build-up.
  • It will last a long time, with virtually no maintenance.

With its distinctive design, a restaurant pergola beckons customers.
Any outdoor seating area is a big plus for restaurants – we all just love to sit outside when the weather’s nice. But a pergola gives a heartier, friendlier welcome, like entering a beautiful garden room. In fact, a restaurant pergola lends itself perfectly to twining plants and hanging pots. Leaves look and feel cool even when it’s hot, hot, hot. Brightly colored flowers add “atmosphere” and enhance the appearance of any setting. And they’re fragrant, too.

It’s the perfect addition for any type of restaurant or bar, in any location – at the beach, in the City or somewhere in between. You can put a restaurant pergola out front to dress up your sidewalk café. You can put one in an interior courtyard or on the back deck. On a mid-rise terrace or outside your rooftop restaurant.

A restaurant pergola is entirely customizable, so you can design just the right size, whether your place is a small café with just a few tables or a roaringly popular local fixture with lots of space and a robust clientele. Live music? Put the band under your new pergola.

If you haven’t had an outdoor dining area in the past, this is the year make it happen. Your great-looking restaurant pergola will be an irresistible attraction for first-time diners. And it will ensure your past customers don’t go somewhere else that does have outdoor dining.

Yes, spring seems like an impossible dream at this point. But one day soon you’ll wake up and it will be here, complete with tulips and daffodils. Your patrons will be looking forward to outdoor dining and relaxation with friends, even if they have to hang onto their jacket or sweater in the early months. Sitting outside is just too tempting to ignore.

Will you be ready for them with a beautiful new pergola? If you get busy, there’s still plenty of time to get your restaurant pergola custom-designed, constructed and in place before spring arrives.

Photo Credit: ariztravel via Flickr

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