Digital Printing On Awnings: What Services Are Available?

If you’re considering investing in an awning for your business, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the advantages of digital printing on awnings . So what’s the buzz all about?

Historically, most awnings had a simple cantilevered shape covered with plain canvas — with maybe some stripes or a valance to provided a “fancier” appearance. Today, awnings come in all sorts of interesting shapes. And you can cover them with different types of fabrics that come in many colors. Including stripes.

But digital printing on awnings has entirely revolutionized the way your awning – and your building’s exterior — can look. Now, it’s all about customization. And why not? It’s your business, and you want it to stand out, to show off your style and personality.

With digital printing on awnings, you can put any image, anywhere.

You have complete control over your graphic design, so you can create any concept you want. You’re not limited to available vinyl colors, you can have any customized background shade you like. Matching colors is never risky, so you never have to worry about the final result being slightly off what you had in mind.

You can use any artwork you want, too, no matter how detailed. Think flowers or stars, filigree designs or big, bold splashes of color. Photos. Your logo. Or words. Digital printing on awnings gives you perfect reproduction, no matter how intricate your design. And that design can even wrap around your awning, from top to front to sides. The possibilities are virtually endless. You can let your imagination run wild, to create something that’s fun and uniquely yours. Definitely eye-catching and inviting.

Digital printing on awnings looks crisp and smooth. You can print directly onto the fabric, in a small area or over a huge expanse, seamlessly. Or you can print on pressure-sensitive vinyl or thermal-activated film and then apply that to the awning surface.

Digital printing on awnings requires skill.

The results can be amazing, but only if the work is done by experienced professionals. Working with a true expert ensures you’ll actually get the full benefit of digital printing on awnings.

You want someone with expertise and experience working with all types of artwork and fabrics. Someone who is willing to spend time discussing with you important factors that could affect the look or durability of your awning. Someone with graphic design talent, to help you explore visual ideas. In short, someone who can expertly guide you toward awnings that looks just right for your place, whether you have one tiny shop or a “fleet” or stores.

All those things are critical when it comes to digital printing on awnings. Printing and ink quality can be highly variable, and it’s difficult to detect the difference. If you aren’t careful, you can wind up with poor quality that will undermine your awning’s durability and longevity.

You’ll get reliable results and better peace of mind by choosing an all-in-one awning company – one with a full team of skilled experts to design, fabricate and install your awning. A full service company has total control over the quality of workmanship at every step in the process. They can give you the most timely turnaround, with a single contact person to manage your project.

Digital printing on awnings is just the beginning.  

This printing method is so versatile, you can match your awning’s artwork to:

  • Free-standing tent tops and sides.
  • Grand opening or sale banners.
  • Umbrellas.
  • Windbreaks or walls.
  • Short “café curtains.”
  • Vehicle graphics.
  • Trade show displays.
  • And more.

Digital printing on awnings opens the door to creativity, and it’s affordable. And in the end, if you really want a traditional striped awning, you can have that, too – digitally printed in any colors or widths you like.