How Can Mapes Canopies Improve Your Buildings or Entrance

Mapes canopies can give your business entrance — or your entire commercial building — a distinctive “finished” look. And they can make you easier to find. If you’re located in a shopping center, a large business complex or industrial park or even within a tight group of urban shops, it can be difficult for customers to see where you are. That’s a negative for any business.

Of course having an attractive sign also alerts prospective customers to your presence. How often have you driven past a business and said to yourself, “I didn’t know they had a store here.” Or, “What’s that place?” Your canopy is marketing for you 24/7. That’s because Mapes canopies can incorporate branding necessities like your logo, custom colors and other unique design elements.

Not just another pretty face.

Dressing up your building as well as your entrance is good for business. But Mapes canopies provide outstanding functional benefits as well. They are particularly well-suited for covering entrances and walkways. They protect pedestrians from the elements and provide a convenient, inviting transition point from outdoors to your indoor environment.

They can protect vehicles, too. If you’re using Mapes canopies for a parking garage entrance or portico, be sure they’re high enough to comfortably accommodate vehicles that will pass underneath. Otherwise, you’ll need to provide an alternative “escape” route.

Mapes canopies are especially appropriate for very large buildings that might dwarf a lighter-looking fabric structure or where a fabric covering simply won’t be durable enough long-term. And metal can give your building or entrance a smart “industrial” look you can’t achieve with fabrics. It says you’re solid.

Aluminum has two outstanding benefits that can make it a better choice than steel for some applications:

  • It’s lighter, supplying the same strength as steel with a third less weight. That’s important for wall-mounted systems that rely on the building itself for support.
  • It won’t rust, thanks to its “pre-oxidized” factory-applied finish that often comes with a several-year warranty. Steel rusts even if it’s been painted.

And internal drainage systems come standard, important because many cities likeNew Yorkprohibit drainage that crosses a public walkway.

Flexible design.

You’ll find awning styles supported by hanger rods or wall-mounted fascia that can be flat or offset from the building surface. All options can meet both your design requirements and local building codes, enduring heavy snow loads and hurricane-force winds.

You can achieve an eye-catching look with bowed or arched fascia profiles, either horizontal or vertical. These are a good choice if you have limited wall support available. You can add decorative escutcheon plates, or optional translucent panels that allow more light during the day and give a lovely luminescent look at night.

Louvered decking provides can help reduce solar heat gain. That not only gives shade, it helps protect merchandise or fixtures in store-front windows from damaging ultraviolet light. And also can reduce air conditioning costs, too.

Mapes canopies are also available as post-supported walkway coverings. These can be an excellent alternative to wall-mounted or free-standing designs. They can span up to 20 feet, providing the strength you need with the least support structure. And they’re equally capable of standing up to tough weather conditions.

Mapes canopies offer a stylish appearance that belies their fundamental strength and durability. They’re versatile and economical. And the company has a long-standing reputation for quality. You can order directly from them, but working with an awning professional who’s knowledgeable about all types of canopies will help you determine which product is the best choice for you.

Your awning company can install your canopy, too. Just because it comes pre-assembled in sections doesn’t mean you really want to tackle installation yourself. It can be more complicated than it appears, and professional work ensures your canopy will building and entrance will continue to beckon and welcome customers for years to come.