Picking the Perfect Awnings for Your Deck

Capitol Awning Company: Awnings Throughout NYC

Awnings are great for adding shade to your deck and creating a more pleasant atmosphere for watching foot traffic pass by your house during the dog days of summer. Capitol Awning Company provides residential retractable and commercial awnings in Jamaica, Queens, as well as to residents of New York City as a whole. We can create custom awnings for residential and commercial clients. As one of the oldest and most acclaimed fabric and awning companies in New York City, we deliver quality in spades. So, sit back and enjoy an ice-cold glass of lemonade under one of our residential awnings, all you have to do is give us a call today.

Retractable Awnings – For New Yorkers Who Want the Best of Both Worlds

Some people don’t like to feel cornered into making a permanent decision. For them, there are retractable awnings. Jamaica, Queens residents and commercial property owners can use a retractable awning to get the best of both worlds: a sun-soaked early fall experience and a lazy summer weekend under the shade. Retractable awnings extend to cover your porch or patio when you want shade and retract when you want to feel the sun’s rays on your skin. Our retractable awnings are some of our most popular products, and you can find them covering porches throughout New York City. From Staten Island to Queens, Capitol Awning Company delivers flexibility and shelter. Retractable roofs offer a bounty of additional benefits, including:

  • They reduce cooling costs by reducing the heat index in and around your property.
  • Retractable awnings are a boon to your property’s value because they extend lawn space without locking in potential buyers with an unwanted awning.
  • They protect lawn furniture during rainstorms and winter and provide sun in the summer.
  • You don’t sacrifice the view by installing a retractable awning.

Fixed Awnings 

If you find yourself spending less time on your porch or patio due to the oppressive summer sun, then a fixed awning is for you. Unlike the retractable varieties, fixed awnings are permanent. They’re ideal for homeowners and commercial property owners who know they want a permanent spot under the shade to retreat to when the sun is too oppressive. Fixed and permanent awnings lower the heat index in and around your property while boosting curb appeal and home value. They aren’t flexible like retractable awnings, but that’s perfect for many homeowners. Capitol Awning Company offers a wide range of fixed awnings to property owners throughout Jamaica, Queens. Some of the other benefits of fixed awnings include:

  • They don’t require as much maintenance as retractable awnings due to zero moving parts.
  • They’re durable and withstand the brunt of most storms.
  • Fixed awnings provide a permanent spot for lounging, free from the elements.
  • A well-chosen awning makes a home distinct and unique.

Portable Awning – Portable Shade-Providing Awnings

Perhaps the expense and commitment of a retractable or fixed awning aren’t the right fit for your family. And maybe you already have an awning or screened-in porch. However, that doesn’t mean your residential or commercial property can’t use one of Capitol Awning Company’s offerings. We provide portable awnings that offer refuge from the sun’s rays, the storm clouds’ rain and snow, and much more. They boost curb appeal and serve as gathering points for backyard cookouts and rip-roaring pool parties. Capitol Awning Company offers three types of portable awnings to our customers:

Umbrella: If you have a deck in your backyard, then an umbrella awning is a must-have. These awnings can be moved to cover a table, lounge chair, and even a spot in the grass. They’re perfect for families who own a swimming pool and those who don’t. Most importantly, these portable awnings are the ideal way to enjoy a spring or summer day without enduring the harsh sun.

Canopy: Canopy awnings enable Jamaica, Queens residents to provide significant shade to an ample space in style. Canopy awnings are versatile; they can cover a swimming pool, deck, or any other outdoor area. They don’t sacrifice the view of your property, but they deliver much-needed protection from the summer sun.

Freestanding: Like umbrella awnings, freestanding alternatives are fully portable. You can easily move them around your property, depending on your desires. Do you want to enjoy a novel on your front lawn? Set up the awning. How about drinking a beer while you listen to the Mets game? Freestanding awnings allow you to do so.

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One of the things that makes Capitol Awning Company such a trusted source for awnings is our commitment to personalized service. Our experience has taught us no two customers are the same. Your needs differ from our other clients, so we’re more than happy to accommodate special considerations. It’s why we’ve been able to build and maintain a sterling reputation throughout Jamaica, Queens and the five boroughs. To learn more about our company, contact us today. If you decide to proceed, we’ll get to work on your awning.

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