What To Look For When Selecting An Awnings Installation Company

The most important fact to remember in your search for an awnings installation company is that they are not all the same. In fact, they can be quite different. Choosing the right awnings installation company for your project may be subjective in some ways, but there are traits you definitely want to look for.


There’s a lot to be said for a business that’s well-established, with years of success under their belt. Look for an awnings installation company with specific experience with your type of awning, building and location. If you’re a franchisee, look for a company well-versed in working with franchises. There is a lot of information business owners should know before installing an awning and you can learn that from an experienced awning company.


Check out online reviews for each awnings installation company you’re considering. Ask for references and follow up. What do past clients say about them? Has the company been responsive even after installation? Can they repair small problems or recover your awning onsite, someday down the road when you may need that?

Full-service capabilities.

You aren’t simply choosing an awnings installation company, you should demand to work with experts at every step from creative design through taking photos of your awning once it’s in place. A full-service company has extensive knowledge and skill in graphic design, structural engineering and fabrication as well as installation. They can streamline your project and ensure clear communication at every step.

Portfolio and showroom.

Who cares what they say they can do for you? You want to see their work in place, or at least plenty of photos. You want to tour their state-of-the-art production plant. You want to see and feel samples of various fabrics you may be considering. If you only wanted the cheapest, fastest product out there, you could buy something sight-unseen online and hope for the best. Not the smartest business decision, however. Selecting the right awnings installation company assures you’re making a sound investment.

Personal service.

Attitude is just as important as technical know-how, because you have to work with these people. Do you like them? Are you confident and comfortable entrusting your awning project to them?

You may be a small storefront business owner or represent a large regional operation or a national franchise corporation. Regardless, you want an awnings installation company that will treat you as if you are their Most Important Customer. Period. Your project is unique, and that means you deserve (and need) one-on-one attention. It’s the only way you are sure to get sound advice and suggestions to ensure you get a fabulous final product.

OSHA certified crew.

Why go through all the trouble to create the perfect awning design and fabrication just to turn over the final step to some questionable awnings installation company? Have-Truck-Will-Install is not the company to call. You need experienced people who can do the job right, to ensure the durability and longevity you expect from your awning.

Furthermore, you can be confident that an awnings installation company which goes beyond minimum training requirements is concerned with safety, too – for their crew, for your business and for any members of the public who may be in the area while your installation is in progress.

Be prepared to answer their questions, too.

Why do you want an awning? What do you expect it to do for your business, functionally and/or aesthetically? Do you have any ideas in mind about how you want it to look? Look around and make notes so you can discuss these things with each prospective awnings installation company.

The more clear (yet open-minded) you can be with them, the more likely you are to get awnings you love. Having this conversation up front will help you select the right awnings installation company, too.