New York City Awning Design: How to Stand Out from the Crowd

There’s one simple approach you can take to achieve a New York City awning design that stands out from the crowd: do what the crowd around you is not doing. There are almost limitless ways you can be an awning design contrarian.

Use different materials.

Everyone else on the block is using traditional fabric-covered awning design? Go with all-aluminum Mapes awnings, or commission one-of-a-kind wrought iron framing for your awning, or choose clear polycarbonate panels or louvers instead of the usual opaque “roof” effect. Each type of material lends itself to different awning design styles, and each has its own aesthetic as well as structural benefits.

Design a different shape.

Do your neighboring awnings display the standard sloped awning design? Then be more dramatic, with arched, domed, boxed or peaked shapes. If you can dream it up, a full-service commercial awning company can draw it up and fabricate it for you. You’ll have awning design that is uniquely yours, and that’s sure to stand out from the crowd.

You could opt for a canopy with posts along the outside edge. It will provide fuller coverage from the elements and lead people right up the steps to your front door. Canopies are stylish and very metropolitan looking. Or you could build a narrow pergola over your entry. Grow flowering vines on it in the summer and weave holiday lights and greens through it in the winter, and once again you have an awning design that stands out.

Go with retractable awning design , if neighboring awnings are all fixed.

When you furl your awnings, you’ll look completely different from those around you, and if you’re positioned right, you can boost indoor natural light and solar heat when you, your employees and patrons crave it most — in the dead of winter.

When summer rolls around again, your open awnings will shut out that unwanted heat and glare and save you money on AC. And all the time, you’re looking good and standing out from the crowd. It’s the best of both worlds for NYC awning design.

Take every opportunity to accentuate your corner location.

Be seen coming and going with wraparound awning design. If your entrance is literally on the corner, draw attention to it with a special design element over the doorway – maybe something fun in 3D, like Dunkin Donuts’ famous coffee cup.

Check out the competition wherever they are.

They’re a key part of your “crowd” even if they aren’t literally nearby, so it’s crucial that your awning design give you easily distinguishable branding – no mistaking who you are (and who you are not).

Let lots of color speak for you.

Big and bold is just the thing for a children’s toy store, for colorizing an anime design for your comics-and-games store or any number of other businesses. Bright, fresh solids are ideal for tiny storefronts, too, giving your business a larger-than-life appearance so you don’t get visually squeezed out by your neighbors.

Let “lack” of color speak for you.

A subtle understatement can make a dramatic statement. For example, if your business is a spa, a medical clinics or something similar, you want to exude an atmosphere of soothing calm. Neon yellow doesn’t cut it, but pastels can do the trick nicely.

Or maybe you own an upscale, exclusive dinner venue and want to project a reserved, adult sophistication. The austerity of simple dark colors is a lovely way to set your place apart from New York City’s crowd of restaurants.

Minimalist use of color doesn’t diminish your ability to stand out from the crowd, it quietly but emphatically says “we’re different.” And less is often more attractive to the eye. It’s restful, which means people may actually spend a little more time looking at your awning.

How can your New York City awning design stand out from the crowd? By being a perfect reflection of your business.

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