How We Help You Meet Corporate Specifications for Franchise Awnings

Whatever franchise awnings your corporate office dreams up, Capitol Awning can build them for you.

One call links you with more than six decades of comprehensive commercial awning expertise. We’ve worked extensively with regional and national franchise corporations and individual franchisees to provide awnings and canopies for their stores throughout the greater New York area. We’re a full-service design and manufacturing company, with highly trained technical staff and state-of-the-art production facilities.

We can follow your corporate specifications to fabricate exactly what you want, for a single store or multiple locations around the tri-county area. Above all else, we’re here to ensure your franchise awnings are custom-fabricated to meet corporate specifications and to make the production process painless and positive for you.

Here’s how we do that:

We have the necessary structural engineering background.

Meeting corporate specifications for franchise awnings often requires the ability to read and correctly interpret detailed drawings and descriptions. We offer complete design and engineering services, so if necessary, we can provide full-size auto-CAD drawings and full-color photo renderings so you can easily make tweaks during the design phase and see how your franchise awnings will look in place before you give the final sign-off.

We have the know-how to translate your specs into local realities.

We have the experience to work smoothly with your corporate headquarters staff – your architects and marketing managers — as well as on-the-ground construction teams. Because we speak all the appropriate “languages,” we’re able to comfortably bridge the potential communication gap between franchise owners and the home office, to ensure everyone is happy with the process and the franchise awnings that result.

Even more importantly, we specialize in adapting your specs to fit NYC buildings. We know that sometimes local requirements such as building codes may conflict with your corporate specifications when it comes to placement, materials, size, even colors or graphics on franchise awnings. We also know our local architecture and environment pose particular challenges that can dictate a different solution that will serve you better.

You can count on us to build your franchise awnings to withstand our harsh Northeast weather extremes and look their professional best for a long time, because we know most franchises expect a ten-year return on their investment.

When corporate specs for your franchise awnings are open-ended, our design expertise kicks in.

We work closely with you to turn corporate generalities into something special, recommending design enhancements that honor your franchise brand but with individual flair. Franchise awnings provide a sense of completeness for your physical location, and reflect the ambiance of your stores, whether you’re in the restaurant business, retail or something very different.

We have designed and fabricated all types of franchise awnings, for the biggest household name companies as well as new and emerging franchises looking to establish a strong and compelling visual brand of their own. We understand the importance of good design, but also the need for continuity, because franchise awnings are a key component of your overall branding and marketing strategy.

You can count on us for quick turnaround.

For cost estimates or for completing your production work, we understand that time is money. Our OSHA-certified installation crew will be ready to roll when your project manager says “now.”

We can even assist you with permitting for your franchise awnings. If you’re not located in NYC or the surrounding area, you may not know the rules or the players. We can guide you through the process or simply handle it for you. You’ll save time, and you can be confident your franchise awnings comply with local standards as well as corporate specs.

We hope you’ll think of Capitol Awning as your NYC area working partner, dedicated to transforming your corporate specs into franchise awnings that display your company’s image and personality with pride.

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