Could An Architectural Canopy Be Right For Your Business?

What are your business goals? What type of business do you have? Are you a new business – in a new location or just starting out — or a longtime local fave? Are you a franchisee, or are you going it alone? No matter what you answered to those questions, an architectural canopy can help you promote your business and reach your goals.

An architectural canopy is an amazing tool.

Awnings may have started out – way back in ancient times, by the way – as shade structures. But they’ve long since taken on an much broader line of work. That means you can put an architectural canopy to work for your business in many different ways.

Consider this:

An architectural canopy helps your place get found.

Like a big arrow pointing at your business. It says “here I am” by displaying your name and address. That’s critical in a busy urban setting, but also important if you’re located in a mall or business complex or even along the boardwalk.

An architectural canopy promotes your business 24/7.

It never sleeps, never takes a vacation. Even when you’re closed, your canopy reminds people who and where you are. It says, “Don’t you wish we were open now? You’ll have to come back. Make a note of it.” Of course when you are open, it welcomes people right in the door.

An architectural canopy decorates your building’s exterior.

You can use a canopy to cover a lot of ground, so to speak. Have you seriously studied the exterior of your business? You can cover it up, pretty it up or show it off, depending on what you have to work with. And what type of business you have. Make it your own. Make it look good.

An architectural canopy attracts interest.

Like moths to a flame, clients and customers are drawn to your business because your canopy speaks to them in some personal way. That’s important because emotions are a significant part of buying decision-making. Everything about your canopy – its shape and style, the materials, its graphic design and coloration, and the way it works with your building – comes together to create a visual “presence” for your business.

An architectural canopy reinforces your branding.

Incorporating your name, your logo, your official colors, lettering fonts and other graphic elements gives your canopy instant recognition. You know that a consistent look is essential to successful marketing. You can match your canopy to your interior signage, vehicles, employee apparel and merchandise bags.

And, of course, an architectural canopy provides shade.

From retractable awnings and table umbrellas to super-tough all-weather permanent canopies, you can protect pedestrians and patrons from Mother Nature’s whims. Blazing sun, rain and snow, even wind. Fabrics with built-in UV resistance protect both people and furnishings. And comfortable people come more often, stay longer and spend more.

So what’s your business all about? Tax office or corner bistro, sporting goods giant or soothing spa, hotels, schools, commercial complexes, medical centers and other campus settings, entertainment venue or private country club – considering an architectural canopy is a smart business move.

Your decision isn’t whether an architectural canopy is right for your business. It’s what kind of awnings and canopies are exactly right for you – what size, style and materials are the best match. You can get plenty of knowledgeable advice from your local awning professional.

But do your homework. The right architectural canopy starts with the right company. Friendly, individualized attention to your project from start to finish. Reputation for excellence at every step. You’ll be amazed at the results, and proud to recall that you knew all along an architectural canopy would be right for your business.

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