How NYC Awnings Can Help Cut Energy Costs For Your Business

Hotels, offices, retail stores – any building large or small — no one escapes paying an energy bill. And energy costs are rising, even as business owners are scrambling to reduce expenses wherever possible. But there’s good news: NYC awnings can help cut your energy costs. And they can do it while enhancing your image.

How can NYC awnings help lower your energy bill?

Shade is automatically cooler, anywhere from 8-20 degrees cooler, depending on your specific situation. And your awning doesn’t merely cool the area underneath, it cools the interior of your building as well.

A study conducted by the American Society of Heating & Air Conditioning Engineers shows solar radiation that comes in through windows accounts for about 20% of your air conditioning load. But fabric awnings can significantly reduce solar heat gain when the sun shines directly on the window – 55-65% for a south-facing window, 72-77% for a west-facing window.

So NYC awnings can help reduce your energy usage by about 30%. That’s a lot, especially when you consider that peak period utility rates are often the highest. And, by the way, awnings are more effective than window film or tinted glass, and they’re far more effective than blinds, which actually cut light more than they reduce heat.

All types of NYC awnings can help shade windows, as well as walkways, play and relaxation areas. Providing effective shade encourages people to use the outdoor space because it’s more comfortable and enjoyable than staying cooped up indoors. If you’re a restaurateur, you can expand your service area – generating additional revenue without incurring additional overhead costs for cooling.

NYC awnings help you conserve your own energy.

Choose the right awning and you’ll enjoy years of trouble-free performance. Minimal upkeep means lower maintenance cost and no worries about having to pay for premature repairs or even having to replace your awning before its time.

Spending less time and effort and expense fiddling around with your NYC awnings conserves your “corporate energy.” That’s a valuable resource you could put toward something else. You could reinvest in business expansion. More marketing. A new employee. You could reduce your business debt. Or beef up your bottom line.

NYC awnings do more than save energy.

All you have to do is look around to know that awnings make any building look better. That’s a marketing plus. If you have tenants, they’re getting a top-flight space to work and invite visitors. If your NYC awnings shade tenant space, they’ll appreciate the lower energy costs, too.

And it gets better. That shade your awnings provide also protects indoor merchandise, furniture, drapes and carpet from fading and deterioration caused by the sun. Your NYC awnings even improve public relations for your building and your business, because you’re shielding pedestrians from the elements year round.

What kind of NYC awnings should you  to lower energy costs?

Retractable awnings allow more warming from the sun in the winter, so you can save on heating costs, too. But then they don’t protect against UV damage when they’re retracted, so it’s a trade-off. If you choose a retractable style, you may be able to outfit it with an automatic timer it, which can increase efficiency.

New synthetic fabrics for NYC awnings, such as acrylics and polyvinyl laminates, are budget-conscious choices because they are exceptionally water-repellant, resistant to mildew and fading, and they can last eight to ten years, or even more. Depending on the fabric, lighter colors may deflect more sunlight. But what’s really important is ensuring there’s plenty of ventilation to prevent heat from getting trapped underneath your awning.

NYC awnings can help cut your energy costs. And they make your premises more inviting. Can you save enough to completely pay for your awning? Maybe not, but you will save. And how cool is that?

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Photo Credit:    (vincent desjardins)  via Flickr