Getting What You Pay For With Capitol Awning

What do people see first when they approach your business? Usually it’s your awning. It’s on the job 24/7, telling people who you are and what you do. It makes an impression, but it’s also an investment, so it has to look perfect and function perfectly for many years. With Capitol Awning, you can be confident you’re getting what you pay for – the highest quality product at a competitive price.

Capitol Awning isn’t some faceless conglomerate, they’re real people. They’ve run a successful business for decades, so they know how important it is for you to find cost-effective solutions to your awning needs, without sacrificing style or dependability.

Actually, you get more than you pay for with Capitol Awning.

Every customer gets the same unparalleled, personalized service. You’d like to think every company will go the extra mile for you, but unfortunately that’s all too rare.

Pride and enthusiasm permeate everything Capitol Awning does. They know the little details and friendly individual attention add up to a better buying experience, whether you’re purchasing your first awning for a small store-front or you’re a veteran in-house project manager for a famous national chain.

Capitol Awning offers outstanding selection.

Capitol can provide any type of awning, and sound guidance to make your choice:

  • Traditional cantilever styles.
  • Retractable awnings for seasonal use or historically authentic installations, with an old-fashioned hand crank or fully-automated electronic remote control.
  • Mapes architectural canopies, made of commercial-grade aluminum for specialized applications.
  • Shade structures such as tents and tension membranes for any outdoor use you can think up.
  • Customized umbrellas that match your official colors and show off your logo, too.

Capitol Awning has state-of-the-art equipment. And super-skilled people.

Who wants a made-for-the-masses awning? Using computerized technology like auto-cad and photo rendering, Capitol Awning can design and build whatever you want, from something simple to an intricate canopy or truly unusual fabric structure.

And thanks to digital imaging, no matter how tricky your artwork, logo, lettering, photos or other graphics, you can be sure the result will be pinpoint clear and exactly right. And Capitol Awning can apply any image anywhere on your awning. Really. You know you’re getting what you pay for when no other business has an awning like yours.

With the help of Capitol’s talented structural and graphic designers, you can let your imagination run wild. And then turn it into reality.

You can count on quality that exceeds industry standards, at every step. Capitol Awning has a state-of-the-art production plant and all the latest high-tech equipment, along with exceptionally skilled professional craftsmen that understand the functional requirements of awning construction and have the aesthetic flair to create your unique vision. Or bring your corporate specs to life, exactly as drawn.

Capitol Awning delivers the whole enchilada.

When you make everything you sell, you can provide more streamlined project management. Better communication, too. At Capitol Awning, everything from conceptualization to completion happens under one roof.

Their professional staff has plenty of experience working with small businesses as well as some the world’s household name companies. They understand that if you have multiple locations, you need precisely consistent quality and design every time.

And the job’s not done until it’s installed. Capitol Awning knows that proper, trustworthy installation relies on the same understanding of structural engineering as designing your awning’s framework. Why? Because once your awning is attached to the exterior of your building, the building must be able to support it without undue stress. Taking extra care during installation assures your awning’s strength and durability year in and year out.

Capitol Awning gives you the best work at every step. The result? An awning that will make you proud for years. Now that’s getting what you pay for.

Photo Credit: Arielny2011 via Flickr