Beyond the Awning: Most Frequently Asked New York Awning Questions Answered

A New York awning can add style, color and personality to the exterior of your building. It can promote your business, making it easy for people to find you and increasing sales. It can provide shade and all-weather shelter without occluding your view. It can even help keep your windows cleaner.

There’s a lot to know aboutNew Yorkawning selection. So before you make your choice, here are some frequently asked questions:

What kind of New York awning can I have?

Literally anything you want, from a very simple style to something so original it alters the entire façade of your building. YourNew Yorkawning can be wall-mounted or free-standing. Remember, an “awning” can be any structure that provides at least partial shade, including tension membranes, pergolas and umbrellas as well as traditional awnings and canopies.

What sizes are available for my New York awning?

When you work with an experiencedNew Yorkawning company, you can have virtually any size or shape you want, because your awning will be designed and built specifically for you.

What design choices do I have?

Fabrics come in a multitude of colors. Today’s fabrics are generally vinyl or acrylic, and you’ll find different weaves and specialized coatings, so there’s one just right for your application. The best fabrics are water-repellant and resist mildew and fading. They can be flame-retardant or provide virtually total UV protection. A goodNew Yorkawning company will have skilled structural and graphic designers on staff to work with you every step of the way.

Can I put my logo on it?

Of course. You can match any custom color, and with digital printing you can put any graphics anywhere. Large or small, no matter how detailed, your graphics will look perfect.

How long will my New York awning last?

Longevity depends on where it’s located, how you use it and what it’s made of. Top quality fabrics generally have a 5-10 year warranty, but they can last longer under the right circumstances.

How do retractable awnings work?

You can have a hand-crank or your awning can be motorized, with push-button or remote activation. You can even get an automatic timer. It’s important to note that retractable awnings are great for some applications, but not so much for others. If you have to meet historic design standards, you can get a permanentNew Yorkawning that looks like a retractable but will be sturdier.

Does the City regulate my New York awning?

You bet. Building codes dictate some of the specifications, especially for safety. Your building owner may have rules about color and design, too.

How do I know what my finished awning will look like?

Look for aNew Yorkawning company with a showroom, so you can see fabric alternatives up close. Staff should also be able to produce renderings, so you can compare finished looks before you make a final decision.

How much upkeep will it need?

Very little, as long as you treat yourNew Yorkawning kindly. However, if you “save money” with lesser-quality materials, you can count on problems that will waste your time and money down the road.

My New York awning is damaged. Do I have to replace the whole thing?

Not unless the framing has sustained major damage. Most fabric repairs and even replacement can be handled on site.

How long does it take to make a New York awning?

Surprisingly, just a few short weeks.

How much should I expect to pay?

That depends on design and materials. The most important thing to know is that unless you’re aNew Yorkawning professional, you can’t see the quality that’s behind your awning. Choose aNew Yorkawning company with a solid reputation, to be sure you’re getting what you pay for with no worries about your awning’s reliability.

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Photo Credit: ryanmilani via Flickr