5 Ways To Increase Revenue With Commercial Canopy Structures

Well-designed commercial canopy structures can do so many things for your business, they could be the single greatest marketing tool you’ll ever have. Probably the most cost-effective, too. Because commercial canopy structures are so versatile, they can actually help you make money.

Here are five ways you could increase your revenue with commercial canopy structures:

Increased visibility.

Even if your entrance is hidden among numerous others, in the middle of a busy urban block, commercial canopy structures ensure people can spot your business. Up close and from a distance. With the right awning, you could even become a landmark for locating other businesses.

Promote your business, round the clock.

The more people know about your business, the more likely they are to come in the door. Commercial canopy structures introduce you. They take the place of signage, because they are your signage, in 3D. That’s marketing value that cannot be overstated. When people see your canopy, they can immediately tell what kind of business you’re in, and get a positive first impression about you.

They’re intrigued, because your canopy draws their interest and makes them want to know more.

You can plaster your name and logo all over your canopy, or place it discreetly on the front and sides. If your commercial canopy structures are subtly understated, they encourage people to look more closely – peeking in your windows, checking out your menu posted by the door. You’re quietly selling.

But commercial canopy structures can also take that word “structure” to heart, with a one-of-a-kind, can’t-miss-it design that gives new meaning to colorful. You can make it into a giant taco. Or a skateboard. Do you sell jeans? Use a fabric that looks like denim, and put a pocket on it.

Don’t forget that you can use commercial canopy structures indoors, too. They’re an ideal answer to the conundrum of dividing large retail areas or hotel lobbies into easily-identifiable “rooms” that set off the bar, the concierge or cashier, a special sales section.

Expand your service area.

Usable floor space is where you generate revenue. The more people you can seat for meals or shows, or the more square footage you can devote to merchandise display, the more revenue you can earn.

Commercial canopy structures create additional year-round or seasonal space for dining, performances – a area you can use to provide value-added services such as live music or private party space. Use your sidewalk, a courtyard or back patio, your rooftop deck.

Don’t forget umbrellas and other free-standing structures as well as traditional awnings – commercial canopy structures come in all shapes and sizes. And you can use them in combination for greatest impact. Dress them all up with the same colors and graphics as your primary canopy.

Savings are the flip side of earnings, but they both boost your bottom line.

Commercial canopy structures can shade your windows. That cools your interior space, so you can save money by using less air conditioning. With the right awning fabric, you can also deflect virtually all the sun’s harmful ultraviolet light. That protects people sitting under your commercial canopy structures, but it also protects your furnishings and merchandise from fading or deterioration caused by the sun.

And speaking of protecting your investment, choosing top quality, long-lasting materials to construct your commercial canopy structures will assure a trouble-free future and keep your canopies looking good longer. You’ll get the greatest return on your investment, with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Commercial canopy structures add real value to your property.

Some day you may want to sell your business or your building. Commercial canopy structures add curb appeal, in a big way. They make your property look more inviting, attracting not only customers but potential buyers. And the more desirable your place is, the better the price you’ll get.

It’s that simple. Commercial canopy structures can help you increase revenue.

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Photo Credit:    montereypubliclibrary  via Flickr