How To Choose An Awning Company In 4 Easy Steps

Choosing an awning company doesn’t have to be difficult. You’ll make the right choice if you follow a systematic approach, to ensure you’re using the most appropriate criteria to choose that company. You want a good fit – a company that knows what they’re doing and demonstrates an obvious interest in working with you, regardless of the size of your project.

Divide your awning company search into these four steps, and they will lead you to a great outcome. An awning you love. One that will last as long as possible and look great every day without a lot of hassle.

Step 1:

Before you even start to look for an awning company to work with, do your homework. You don’t have to know precisely what you want, but even the best awning company isn’t clairvoyant, so be prepared to give them some clues. They’ll be able to guide you better if they know where you want to go.

Look around, at other people’s awnings. What do you like? What about them appeals to you? Style? Color? Graphics? Take pictures of them, and ask the business owner who manufactured their awning.

Your awning company will also need to know some practical information – where your awning will go, how big it needs to be and if you plan to use it only for summer shade or all year long. These details determine which materials will work best for you. Your company will want to know about graphic design, too, because your awning is a valuable marketing asset for your business.

Step 2:

Begin searching for The Right Awning Company. Look for companies that have extensive experience in your locale – it’s important that they understand weather issues that might affect your awning as well as local or building-specific codes and covenants that govern your choices when it comes to materials, construction and installation of your awning.

Look for companies that also have plenty of experience creating awnings similar to what you want. They’ll know if there are any hidden issues you face. And they can share suggestions based on what other customers like you have done with their awnings.

Check them out. Ask around. Get references from the companies you’re considering, and follow up with them. Look online to find awning company reviews. Ask specific questions, about their customer attitude, the quality of their work, whether they willingly shared ideas and “above and beyond” advice and completed the project on time.

Step 3:

When you’ve narrowed your list of “possibles,” visit their showroom. Even if you have to travel, seeing the plant where your awning will be manufactured is alway educational. How are you supposed to make intelligent decisions if you can’t see or feel the product you may be purchasing? Details like fabric and even stitching can make a tremendous difference in your awning’s performance and longevity.

That’s one of the biggest drawbacks to shopping online – you can’t see what you’re getting. The same holds true for just-give-us-a-call companies located who-knows-where. An awning is a serious investment, and you should expect to get a sound return on that investment. That requires choosing the right company.

While you’re visiting the showroom, ask if you can get a tour of the production facility, too. You’re smart to choose an awning company that does everything, from design through manufacturing to installation, because that streamlines the process. You can stay in contact with one person throughout your experience, and your awning company won’t suffer delay waiting on someone else to do their part.

Your project will go faster and more smoothly. And that means you’ll be enjoying your new awning sooner.

Step 4:

Go for it. Work with your awning company to finalize your design, they get to work planning your launch party to celebrate your new awning.

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Photo Credit: gege.gatt via Flickr