Awning Designs: Do Your Country Club Awnings Need A Face lift?

You do have awnings around your country club, don’t you? If not, it’s time to get busy planning some attractive awning designs, because they can add tremendously to the ambiance of your clubhouse as well as the comfort of your members.

Even if you have well-established awning designs around the club, it could be time for a face lift.

Your members have high standards, and they expect the best from you.

People join a country club because it’s special. Exclusive, even. How your physical property looks makes a critical first impression for prospective members, and it reinforces their smart investment decision every time they return. It’s important to maintain a look and atmosphere that meet their expectations. Or exceed them.

How old are your awnings?

Sure, you’ve taken good care of them, keeping them clean and regularly inspecting them for small flaws before they can escalate into problems. And if you have awning designs that are not permanently installed, you’ve carefully stored them during the off-seasons. But nothing lasts forever, as the saying goes, and it could very well be that this is the season to make a significant change.

Round about this time of year the whole place gets a seasonal face lift. Spruced up gardens filled with colorful flowers, fresh mulch, neatly trimmed shrubs and trees, touched-up paint and pathways, perfectly manicured grass. Poolside lounges and café furniture sport new cushions. Shouldn’t you include awning designs in that club-wide seasonal rejuvenation?

Members and their guests are starting to flock back for golf, tennis, swimming or just food and drinks on the terrace. Why not welcome them back with handsome new awning designs? Refreshed colors or new graphics to match your country club’s logo. Or those new poolside or dining area furnishings.

A change in awning designs can be sweeping or subtle.

If you chose new awning designs just a year or two ago, you’re not in the market for wholesale change. But that doesn’t mean you can’t organize a noticeable face lift.

Many country clubs install permanent awnings over all their windows, to provide year-round protection that keeps the glass shaded and cleaner in any weather. But when it comes to seating or eating areas, you can increase the value of your awning designs, with “accessories.”

Add retractable awning designs to enlarge that desirable area with in-season overhead protection. Add temporary sidewalls with clear window panels or screens, to shelter visitors from the afternoon breeze and keep insects at bay without obstructing the views of your club’s beautiful landscaping.

Do you experience sudden spring or summer showers? No worries, your folks will be dry and comfortable outdoors, ready to play again as soon as the showers pass. In fact, with awning designs that protect from rain as well as sun, you can extend the usefulness of outdoor areas around your clubhouse, with cozy awning designs that invite people to sit outside into the fall when the weather gets distinctly cooler.

Or you can expand your outdoor space, making it even more attractive for special events such as weddings or parties. Your guests will feel separated from the general membership, without being locked away in some indoor room that doesn’t offer the same summery environment.

You can even augment your current awning designs with new styles – a tension structure to shade the kids-only play lawn, or a pergola that will be simply gorgeous covered with flowering vines to dress up your front entrance or shade an outdoor walkway.

You don’t have to wait till your awning designs are visibly tired to plan a face lift. Effecting change now, before people expect it, makes it that much more attractive. It adds an element of intrigue. Why not plan something new that will be the buzz of the membership?

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Photo Credit: via Flickr