5 Practices You Should Avoid With Regards To Awning Designs

For home or business, there’s nothing like an awning. Awning designs are so versatile, you can easily find inviting options no matter what you want to accomplish. But not every option is appropriate for every instance. And you don’t want just any awning, you want the right awning.

In order to make that just-right final decision, you’ll want to think things through carefully before you get started. Understanding these five common mistakes will help you make smart, informed choices by focusing on the best awning designs for you.

Choosing the wrong style.
Awning designs comes in lots of styles, but you need one that makes sense for your location and how you plan to use the awning. Retractable awnings, in particular, are often chosen for inappropriate installations. Consider these questions:

  • Does your area face weather issues such as wind or heavy snow?
  • Are you near the water, whether at the coast or alongside a river or lake?
  • Are you in a potentially grimy high-traffic area?
  • Are you considering awning designs primarily to protect pedestrians or patrons, or mostly to upgrade the appearance of your building or entrance? Or both?
  • Will your awning be permanent or only used seasonally?
  • Do you need lighting?

Certain awning designs lend themselves better – or not so well — to different sizes and shapes. And all these factors affect which awning designs will perform best for you.

Choosing the wrong materials.
Awning designs start with framing – typically aluminum or steel. Coverings can also be metal, though usually they’re made of fabric specifically manufactured for awnings. The old adage “you get what you pay for” applies to awning designs, but it can be extremely difficult for anyone other than an awning professional to discern true quality.

How long do you want your awning to last? If it’s a one-time thing, durability won’t matter, but you’re probably looking for awning designs you can use for years to come.

Taking the easy way out.
Even if your need something “simple,” awning designs vary. Grab-and-go may be fine for making selections at the grocery store, but it’s ill-advised when it comes to awning designs.

A quickie off-the-shelf choice may seem easy now, but you could wind up with an awning that starts to fade or fray long before you’d expect, or one that isn’t tough enough to stand up to your needs. Repairs and too-soon replacement can be costly and frustrating.

Besides, ready-made awning designs offer far fewer options than custom. Who wants the same thing someone else has? Especially if it’s for your business or a commercial building, you need a unique statement.

Overlooking valuable marketing advantages awning designs can provide.
Individually tailored structural design and individually designed graphics work together to give you a one-of-a-kind awning that will make your place stand out. It will make you easy to find, introduce your name to prospective customers and reinforce your brand with your logo or other graphic elements and colors.

Choosing a less-than-stellar awning company.
You need expert advice, but consultation is only as good as the source. That goes for workmanship, too. So don’t just open the phone book or go online and pick the first name you see. Insist on an awning company that has a long-standing reputation for quality and excellence.

Look for a company that will help you through the entire process, with personalized attention every step of the way. Make sure they have plenty of experience with awning designs like yours, and they use the latest production equipment and techniques to construct your awning and produce the graphics it will carry.

With the right awning designs, you’re making a smart investment. Taking the time to think things through and working hand-in-hand with a top-notch awning professional will help you get everything you need and probably more than you expected.

Photo Credit: angeloangelo via Flickr

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