3 Signs You Need A New Restaurant Canopy This Season

Warmer weather is finally here. Everyone is emerging from their self-imposed winter hibernation, and they’re looking for great places to eat out. Is your restaurant canopy beckoning them this new season?

A canopy that beckons is a valuable sales tool. And one that sends the wrong message can literally drive people away. Here are three sure signs you need a new restaurant canopy:

1. Your canopy isn’t living up to its multi-faceted capabilities.
The right restaurant canopy ensures you can be found — not just by regular customers deliberately heading your way but also by potential new customers who might be walking or driving by. What better time than spring to plant those seeds of interest to grow your business?

The right restaurant canopy tells people who you are — not just your name or street number, it reflects your ambiance, whether you’re fun or flashy or cool and urban chic. You can post your menu by the door to tell people what kind of fare you offer, but it’s your restaurant canopy that attracts their attention in the first place.

The right restaurant canopy can transform the façade of your building, as a purely decorative embellishment for a plain-looking exterior or accentuating interesting architectural details.

Your restaurant canopy has a practical side, too, of course. It can shade people from the sun. And keep them dry when it rains. Even people who don’t eat at your restaurant – heaven forbid! – appreciate the cover as they’re walking down the street.

But adding a restaurant canopy can expand your seating and service areas, too, significantly increasing your ability to grow revenue without the expense and hassle of a remodel. And, let’s face it: people like to eat and drink outdoors when the weather is pleasant.

If your canopy isn’t living up to all these attributes, you’re missing out.

2. Things have changed.
The last thing you want is for potential patrons to be confused about your restaurant. Did you recently purchase this place? If you’re a new owner or the name is new to people, getting a restaurant canopy that correctly identifies you is a first priority. Or maybe you’ve changed your concept or menu, with a new logo and thematic colors that reflect that change. An outdated restaurant canopy is a marketing liability, pure and simple.

Have you added outdoor seating or an entertainment area on the back patio? Or you’re adding sidewalk or waterfront seating? You’ll need a canopy that provides adequate shade and helps define that special space. Have you considered a pergola?

3. You’re tired of your old canopy.
Hey, it happens. It’s a few years old, now, and you’re simply ready for a change. It’s your business, so you should have exactly the restaurant canopy you want. You’ve undoubtedly changed your menu over time, why not give your canopy a facelift, too?

Maybe you’ve seen a new style you especially like. Or you want to create an entirely unique structural design that will be particularly eye-catching to set you apart, a canopy that leaves no doubt about what diners can expect from your restaurant in the way of food, atmosphere and other clientele.

Or you’ve noticed your neighbors are busy installing new canopies. If your restaurant canopy is starting to look a tad worn, it will look worse if everyone else on the block is upgrading their façade.

You want to be a trend-setter – the best-looking place in the are neighborhood — especially if any of nearby businesses are other eating establishments. You need a restaurant canopy that says ” pick me!

Even if nothing at all has changed, this is a great time to take stock. Spring means renewal. Time to refresh. Is your current restaurant canopy doing everything it could to help build your sales and reputation?

Photo Credit: tombothetominator via Flickr

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