Awning Designs: Why Adding An Awning To Your Bar Is A Great Idea!

If you own a bar, the real question is why would you not want to add an awning to your business? Awning designs can be anything you want. They’re amazingly versatile, and virtually every building or business looks better with awnings. Besides, they’re practical, in all sorts of ways.

Here are just a few reasons you should seriously consider awning designs for your bar:

Let’s start with the obvious: visibility.
Why be a “best kept secret”? It’s a cute concept, but you’re in business to make money, so remaining a secret is counter-productive. The truth is, you want everyone to know who and where you are, even if you’re a small neighborhood pub. Who knows, maybe some day you’ll want to expand your enterprise and open pubs in other neighborhoods. Or become a beverage tycoon and go national.

Especially if you’re in an urban environment, there’s usually so much going on that it can be hard for people to find smaller businesses. Awning designs make your place stand out from the crowd. Look around — you’ll notice virtually every successful business incorporates awning designs of some kind.

Just the sight of people enjoying a cold one under your awning on a hot day is so refreshing and inviting, it’ll encourage others to join them

Awning designs promote and reinforce your bar’s brand. You can incorporate your name, logo – any graphics you want – so your awning matches the rest of your marketing look. Even when you’re closed, awning designs keep speaking for you.

Show your style.
Awning designs are distinctive, so you can create a design that’s distinctly yours.

Expand seating capacity.
Whether you have a narrow outdoor bar with barstools or café-style tables and chairs more conducive to food service, adding seating lets you generate additional revenue and thin the crowd a bit at peak times. Awning designs can visually designate a special area for groups or cover an outdoor performance area.

Summer comfort.
People love to eat and drink outdoors when the weather’s fine. Awning designs that cover seating area keep it from getting too warm and eliminate annoying glare.

Window shade.
Awning designs can provide indoor shade, too, helping you reduce air conditioning needs. Deeper awning designs help keep dirt and urban grime off the windows. Rain, too, so patrons can enjoy the best view even in inclement weather.

Celebrate change.
Adding new awning designs can be an especially big winner to help announce and highlight something new about your bar. Maybe you have a new name, you’re the new owner, you’ve undergone a remodel or expansion, you have a new logo or official colors. Or maybe your entire bar is new. What better way to say “check us out!” than with a snazzy new awning?

Think inside the box.
You might even want to check into awning designs appropriate for indoors. If your bar’s big enough, you could add a fun awning over the bar itself, or over your pool tables. If you regularly feature live music, or you’re a comedy club, an awning can formalize and give a nice visual finish to your performance stage.

Don’t forget you can “accessorize” good awning designs with matching accoutrements that extend usability and visibility even further. A-frames are an easy, versatile choice to announce drink specials, happy hour, the quote of the day, the winner of your latest social media contest. Half-height café curtains or full walls give definition to your sidewalk bar space and keep patrons corralled. Walls can be continuous or in portable sections you can move around to form different configurations.

So give it some thought. You create awning designs that fit your place perfectly, no matter how big or small, trendy or traditional your bar may be. Any way you look at it, adding an awning to your bar is a great investment.

Photo Credit: lindsey gee via Flickr