What Are The Best Locations For A Retractable Awning?

There are lots of great locations for a retractable awning , because they are so versatile and convenient. You’ve seen them on stores and other commercial buildings for decades, but they’re growing in popularity for residential use, too. One of the best locations for a retractable awning is a penthouse patio.

So what if you’re in the heart of the city, on the top of a building with no conventional back yard? A retractable awning can transform your patio into what could become your favorite room.

Cover extends the use of your patio.

No matter how spacious your penthouse, having ready access to outdoor space is a significant plus. You can get some fresh air and enjoy your view more, whether it’s the skyline or the coastline. But a penthouse patio is no fun if you have to drag furniture around to find a shady spot as the sun moves across the sky. And it can get just plain hot up there when there’s no shade.

A retractable awning can turn your patio into a conservatory, literally increasing your living space. You can entertain outdoors in more seasons, because guests can comfortably remain outside or flow freely from indoors to the patio. A retractable awning protects your outdoor furniture from the sun’s ultraviolet rays that can cause fading or deterioration. And it shades another valuable penthouse feature, your rooftop garden.

You can cover your entire patio or just part. You may even want more than one awning if you have multiple patios or one that’s large enough to create separate outdoor rooms.

Awnings create definition as well as shelter.

A retractable awning can be a snappy visual element.

What’s your pleasure? Aluminum or fabric, colors and styles, your awning can stand out or blend into the background. It can reflect your interior décor, pick up the color of your brick exterior or potted plants, your outdoor furniture or favorite tablecloth.

Pick a style that’s sleek and contemporary. Or one with a fun, flirty valance. Remember that a valance hangs down, though, effectively lowering headroom along that edge of the awning. You’ll want to take that into consideration.

A penthouse patio awning has to be tough.

You want your awning to last as long as possible, but the materials you choose for framing and covering and the way your awning is installed all affect durability as well as function. If it’s too flimsy you’ll have problems, perhaps right from the start.

You’ll find plenty of choices that are water-repellant, mildew-resistant and low maintenance. But your awning should also be heavy-duty enough to withstand windy days or blowing rain and snow. Since the penthouse is the most-exposed part of your building, you’ll probably want a “full cassette” awning. That’s one where all the parts roll into a tube-like housing so they’re completely tucked away from any weather.

You can choose a retractable awning that operates with a simple hand crank or motorized remote control. Either way, look for a style that has an integrated gutter and drainage spouts, to ensure water doesn’t build up when it rains.

You could get a kit, but why? An off-the-rack retractable awning might be quicker, but since it’s mass-produced you can’t expect to achieve a unique look or get the details you really want. Why settle for “pretty good”?

Professional advice is worth its weight in gold. You probably have good instincts, but you want your retractable awning to be both attractive and functional. And you want to make a quality investment. An awning professional can serve as your design “idea book.” And they know what will work best for your specific situation, so they can steer you in the right direction. Their insider tips will help you avoid inadvertent mistakes so you get exactly the retractable awning you want.

Maybe something even better than what you imagined.